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Chapter 298: I’m Going to Beijing

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When she said this, let alone Shen Jingyan, even Shen Qiongzhi and Qiao Weimin were stunned.

Shen Qiongzhi almost said “But… with your grades, getting into Ren Yi is already difficult. How are you even planning to get into Qing University?”, but she forced herself to swallow the words.

No mother would be willing to hit their own daughter, and she was no different.


Even if she thought that Qiao Chen would not pass the test, she still had to endure it.

But while she could endure it, her expression couldn’t help but change a little, showing her lack of confidence.

Shen Jingyan could see at a glance that Qiao Chen’s academic performance may not reach Qing University’s standard.

But he didn’t worry about it. On the contrary, after he saw Qiao Chen’s enthusiasm, his eyes flashed with a trace of satisfaction.

If Qiao Chen could only cry in self-pity, he would look down on her. But now seeing her reluctance to admit defeat, he instead saw the image of the Shen Family in her. He didn’t react as much as Shen Qiongzhi but said lightly, “It’s a good idea. A kid from the family should manage to get into Qing University.”

As he said that, he turned his head to the side and said to Wei Ling, “Qing University seems to have an independent enrollment around this time. Do you have time to teach her music?”

Wei Ling was born in a famous family and worked in the Music Association. There was a stain on Qiao Chen’s reputation after she had stolen someone else’s music to win the prize. Everyone in Rao City knew about it. It seemed that it would be difficult for her to redeem herself. But this would be a simple problem to solve for Wei Ling.

It was just that Wei Ling couldn’t help but look down on the Qiao Family. However, her husband had personally asked her. She slowly put down the teacup, looked at Qiao Chen, and said, “Would you like to learn music from me?”

Qiao Chen lowered her eyelashes and nodded very obediently. “Yes.”

Seeing that she was deliberately acting obedient, she became disgusted. She pursed her lips and said, “Okay, you can learn from me first. If you’re admitted into the Music Department of Qing University, I will take you to see Master Nie and see if he’s willing to accept you as an apprentice. If he does, your future in the music industry will be smooth sailing.”


Qiao Chen was faintly familiar with the name “Master Nie”, but she couldn’t remember where she had heard it before.

After hearing that if she could study under that Master Nie she could completely start afresh, she couldn’t control her mood. She bit her lip as tears threatened to fall from her eyes, and she said softly, “Auntie, I will learn well from you. I will strive to be admitted into Qing University and live up to the expectations of you and Uncle!”

She didn’t even say anything about her, so who was this crying appearance meant for? Wei Ling glanced at her, pursed her red lips, and said coldly, “You’re taking the exam for yourself, not for the sake of others.”


Qiao Chen wasn’t stupid. She could see that she didn’t like her. Feeling a little wronged, she bit her lip and adjusted her words according to the current situation. “Well, I know. I will study hard for myself.”

Wei Ling did not bother to pay any more attention to her.

Shen Jingyan was very satisfied when he saw her motivation. He turned to Shen Qiongzhi and Qiao Weimin and said, “Hey, since she wants to take the Qing University’s independent admissions examination, there’s no need to stay in Rao City. There are no good schools around Rao City. Time is tight and they won’t be able to teach her much.”

He made the final decision. “Let’s do it this way. I will take Chen Chen back. During this time, she will temporarily live in Beijing. I will find a tutor for her to make up for the cultural lessons she missed.”

Qiao Weimin did not think that Qiao Chen could successfully pass the Qing University examination. He was afraid that she was too ambitious and just wanted to compete with Qiao Nian. Instead, she might lose her current achievements. He hesitated and said, “Will it be bad for her to ask for leave, just as soon as she transferred schools?”

Glancing at him contemptuously, Shen Jingyan got up and picked up the cell phone, then asked him coldly, “Are there any good schools in Rao City?”

Compared with Beijing, Rao City was just a small city, so it was naturally inferior in everything. But the contempt in his brother-in-law’s tone almost overflowed. As a man, he seemed as if he was slapped in the face in public. Embarrassed, he remained silent.

Shen Jingyan looked down on him and could not be bothered to speak to him anymore. Holding his cell phone, he said to Wei Ling and the others, “I’ll go out and make a call.”

The Qiao Family could give up Qiao Nian, but he still wanted to work harder.

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