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Chapter 297: Also Planning to Take the Examination for Qing University

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Shen Jingyan felt a headache seeing his own sister still deceiving herself and others.

If he hadn’t been born by the same mother, he would have doubted whether his elder sister was really from the Shen Family, or if his mother had forgotten to put her brain in when she gave birth to her!

He calmly countered Shen Qiongzhi. “You say she’s not promising, then how are you reduced to even mortgaging the house to pay for your debts?


“I remember that before Qiao Nian left, your business was thriving. You were about to open a branch in Beijing. She left for less than half a year. How did you get to the point of selling the house?”

Shen Qiongzhi and Qiao Weimin’s faces flushed as though they were being strangled, and they couldn’t say a word.

Facts spoke louder than words!

Still not wanting to admit defeat, Shen Qiongzhi whispered, “That’s because she relied on that pretty face of hers to seduce some men!”

Wasn’t the young man who broke into their box that day the one Qiao Nian hooked up with?

Shen Jingyan expected better from her. She said in a deep voice, “Even if she relied on others, does the process matter? The important thing is that she’s living well now. Meanwhile, you guys are just like disowned dogs!

“Why do you still not understand! Whether she relied on her own abilities or whether she relied on her looks, if you weren’t so partial to Qiao Chen and treated her well, the Qiao Family would not have fallen into the current situation.”

Shen Qiongzhi was at a loss for words. She could only say, “She’s also an ungrateful brat. I raised her for more than ten years with delicious food and drinks. Even if I don’t get credit for it, I have at least worked hard, yet she turned away and refused to help us. No matter how well I treat her, once she became successful, the outcome would still be the same. Fortunately, I did not treat her well. Otherwise, we would be even more regretful now!”


Silence ensued for a moment.

Shen Jingyan couldn’t bear to keep talking to her. She was his own sister. He couldn’t beat or scold her and could only turn his eyes to the side.


He happened to see Qiao Chen who had come down.

She was eighteen and had grown up to be graceful and slim. He heard that she wasn’t only a student admired by all at First High School, but she also had good grades.

He sighed from the bottom of his heart. The sullen look on his face faded a little, and his voice slowed down. “I have heard about the cancellation of your sponsorship.”

It was okay when he had not mentioned this. However, when he mentioned this, Qiao Chen’s eyes reddened. She clenched the corners of her clothes and choked with sobs. “I wrote that song by myself. She agreed to change it for me at the time. I thanked her. Who would have expected she would turn around and accuse me of stealing her song? That song is obviously mine.”

She didn’t mention that in the final version, less than 10% of the whole song was hers. She insisted that she wrote the song by herself, and had only asked Qiao Nian to help modify it.

It seemed as if the matter of plagiarism was on Qiao Nian, who turned around afterward and deliberately took revenge on her!

In addition, she didn’t mention that she pushed Ye Qichen down the stairs and broke his leg, putting all the blame on the song for losing her sponsorship.

Shen Jingyan stayed in Beijing all year round and was not aware of the little troubles around Rao City. He only knew that his own niece had been learning piano since she was a child and had passed the piano tenth-grade examination. She definitely had the ability to write such a piece of music by herself.

He only believed in 60% out of all the talk about her asking Qiao Nian to help modify the song. The remaining 40% was still filled with doubt as he did not believe that this situation would be so simple.

His angry expression faded a little, and he asked, “The incident has already happened, and the sponsorship is already gone. It doesn’t matter who wrote the music. The important thing is that you are already in your third year of high school. Since you can’t be recommended, is there a school you want to go to?”

Qiao Chen thought back to when she was forced to transfer from First High School to Fifth High School. When she left the school, she saw the teacher from Qing University take the initiative to recruit Qiao Nian. Stubbornly refusing to admit defeat, she said, “I want to take the examination for Qing University!”

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