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Chapter 296: Ignorant Woman

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Her husband’s elder sister was a typical ignorant woman!

When she was young, she did not want to stay in Beijing and instead fell for Qiao Weimin, who had nothing but good looks. Wanting to get married so insistently, she fell out with her family.

Afterward, she gave birth to a daughter with a congenital deficiency who became ill at birth. They all persuaded her to try for a second child. As for the sick child, she could just try her best. If the baby lived, then all was well, but it was acceptable if she didn’t make it.


She didn’t listen and was stubborn to pin all her hopes on the child with a congenital deficiency. She also listened to the Qiao Family old lady’s shameless idea and went to the orphanage to adopt a baby girl of the same blood type as Qiao Chen to be her “free blood donor”!

What did they say at that time?

That since she had decided to adopt a child, then she should treat that child well. Even though that child wasn’t her own, she had to be impartial and not go too far. The adopted child would not be any different from her biological child.


She didn’t even listen and gave Qiao Chen a blood transfusion using the girl’s blood every month. Despite this, she still looked down on that child for coming from an orphanage and would treat her unpleasantly all day long.

Qiao Chen studied at a private school, wore famous brands, and rode in a luxury car.

Meanwhile, the other child went to a welfare school, wore the cheapest clothes, and rode the bus to and from school by herself.

Within the family, it was unavoidable for them to keep seeing each other. This could only be considered as raising an enemy for the family.

Sure enough, the child grew up estranged from the family, and eventually, they ended up in their current predicament!

Wei Ling picked up the teacup and took a sip of the scented tea. The taste was so-so. She could see that the quality of the tea was average and not as good as the tea she drank in Beijing.

She glanced at the girl coming down the stairs.

At 1.6 meters tall, she could be considered neither tall nor short, and she looked as though a weak wind could sweep her off her feet. There was a sense of dignity in her gestures. Her darting eyes made it obvious that she was ambitious!

It was exactly the same as Shen Qiongzhi back then!

She just glanced and then looked away indifferently. She couldn’t help but remember the other girl from the Qiao Family that she had seen when she followed Shen Jingyan back to Rao City five years ago.

At that time, the girl was wearing a black T-shirt and jeans. Her skin was white and milky, and her appearance was flawless.

If she was forced to pick on something, it would probably be her eyes. She didn’t know if it was because her skin was too white, but it seemed as though her eyes were extraordinarily black. When she looked at someone, she gave them a wild and unrestrained feeling. Her voice, although not loud, contained spirit and vigor.

In short, she didn’t seem like the type to be well-behaved and easily controlled.

But compared to Qiao Chen’s cheap tricks and cheap shots, lack of ability, and huge ambitions, she was more impressed with that girl from Qiao Family!


To this day, she had not seen another person with a pair of eyes like that!

She glanced at Qiao Chen again and saw her casting a timid and flattering look at her. She felt bored, and the tea in her mouth became more and more tasteless.

Wei Ling put down the teacup, shifted her gaze, and quietly listened to her husband talk to the Qiao couple.

“There’s no way out now. Why didn’t you listen to me when I told you before! Qiao Nian is beautiful and smart. As long as you take good care of her, her future will be promising. Wouldn’t that also make you all proud?”


Shen Qiongzhi always ignored advice like this even though she was asking them for help at the moment. She couldn’t help but retort, ​​”What does she have besides her pretty face? She has a gloomy personality and poor grades. What can she do?!

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