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Chapter 282: Qing University Does Not Have to Recruit Her, Then

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Qiao Nian wasn’t blind. She could tell what Liang Lu thought of her. But she had never bothered by how others viewed her. Thus, she wasn’t concerned about what Liang Lu said. She brought up her opinion directly. “Who says I treated the patients with Western Medicine?”

Liang Lu was amused but did not smile. Her expression was dark as she glared at Qiao Nian. “You operated on someone. Are you telling me that that wasn’t Western Medicine? Was it Chinese Medicine, then?”

What could Chinese Medicine do? They would just research and come up with some medicine that would not kill nor heal anyone who consumed it. In essence, it simply was not as effective as medication!

Qiao Nian had one arm on her hip and appeared rather cool and suave. In front of everyone in the office, she said in her low and captivating voice, “I used Chinese Medicine.”

“Ha, Qiao Nian, you can’t go too far with your jokes!” Liang Lu pitted herself against her. “You said you used Chinese Medicine, but I’ve never heard that Chinese Medicine involves surgery?”

Qiao Nian asked her in return, “Are you saying that if you’ve never heard of something, it doesn’t exist?

“3000 years ago, there were already records that Hua Tuo was going to operate on Cao Cao. There’s an abundance of surgery records in ancient history. What’s so strange about performing surgery with Chinese Medicine methods? In terms of history, Chinese Medicine has existed for a far longer time. If anything, it is more effective and well-researched than Western Medicine, not less!”


There was a type of people in this world who set a glass ceiling for themselves. They thought that they’d reached a peak in their field and were experts, and hence doubted and suppressed all other people and methods!

Liang Lu was evidently this sort of person.

—Are you saying that if you’ve never heard of something, it doesn’t exist?

The moment she finished speaking, the office was taken over by pin-drop silence.

The other two teachers from Qing University who had come with Liang Lu were at a loss for words.

This Qiao Nian really had guts. She had the intention to study Medicine, and still dared to offend Professor Liang, the most influential figure in the Medicine field?!

Principal Yu was flustered as well. He had no idea how a recruitment meeting ended up turning into a debate between Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine.

He tried to mediate the situation.

“Uh, Qiao Nian, that’s enough for now.”

He then turned to Liang Lu. “Professor Liang, I’m so sorry. She’s still young and is a bit rash with her words sometimes. I suppose she doesn’t quite understand what the Medical Faculty in Qing University is like and hasn’t learned of your achievements and accomplishments in the field. That’s why she said stuff like that. How about this, I’ll have a talk with her on my own after this.”

Liang Lu had her eyes on Qiao Nian and was willing to give her a spot in their school.

It wasn’t easy to confirm one’s spot in Qing University, much less in the top faculty.

He selfishly wanted this chance for Qiao Nian. Given Qiao Nian’s exceptional results in her school examinations, he knew that she’d have a good chance at coming up top in Rao City in the College Entrance Examination.

However, as a school principal, he hoped that his student could get into the elite school with as little effort as possible.

Today’s meeting was the outcome of about two weeks of correspondence with Liang Lu.

He had no idea what Qiao Nian’s background was. But as of now, the Ye and Wei families of Beijing had already stood up for her. This already proved that her background was not ordinary.

Then again, he hadn’t noticed her contact anyone from Beijing recently.

Liang Lu had hardly ever been questioned in public by others. At this point, her expression was ice-cold as she said bluntly, “I’m here to recruit a student for the Medical Faculty, not for the Chinese Medicine Faculty. If she doesn’t want to study Western Medicine, Qing University doesn’t have to recruit her, then.”

Principal Yu hurriedly said, “Professor Liang, please don’t say this. You’re a national expert in this field. So many people would love to have a chance to learn from you. Qiao Nian just doesn’t understand…”

Before he was done speaking, he heard a girl’s casual tone of voice. “I’m fine with it. Anyway, I’ll be able to choose my desired course and specialization with my College Entrance Examination results.”


Liang Lu was speechless.

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