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Chapter 281: Sister Nian Wants to study Chinese Medicine

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He couldn’t help but think about his decision. What if he hadn’t been encouraged by his family and instead insisted on not disclosing the fake daughter in the Qiao family?

Then, his company would be developing smoothly now. One daughter was recommended to Renyi, and the other “daughter” was recommended to Qing University… Everyone should be envying him…


It was a pity that there was no medicine for regret in this world!


At this moment, Qiao Weimin’s feet seemed to be nailed to the ground, and he couldn’t walk for a long time.

At this time, Principal Yu noticed them and said in a low voice, “Mr. Qiao, you can go through the school transfer procedures now.”


“Oh, we’ll do it right away.” Qiao Weimin actually wanted to stay to see if Qiao Nian would agree to go to Qing University, although he felt that Qiao Nian had no reason to refuse!

But with the principal urging him, he was embarrassed to continue staying here.

Qiao Weimin looked deeply at the girls in the office and wanted to say many things. However, because of the situation, he could only hold them back. He took a deep breath and said to Qiao Chen, “Humph, let’s go.”

“Yeah.” Qiao Chen also wanted to see if Qiao Nian would choose Qing University in the end, but since her father had already called her, she could only reluctantly follow him.

In an instant, two people had left the principal’s office, and the air became fresher.


Hearing that Gu Qinan was still asking her if she wanted to go to Qing University, Qiao Nian put her hands in her pockets, raised her eyes, and said, “Western medicine? What I want to study is Chinese medicine.”

As soon as she said this, the office became a lot quieter.

Gu Qinan glanced at Liang Lu subconsciously.

Everyone at Qing University knew that Professor Liang’s most disliked subject was Chinese medicine. She once bluntly said in public that Chinese medicine was foolish, full of pretense, and tossing so-called herbs all day long, which in fact, were just tree roots, bark, insects, and the like. It was not only incapable of curing diseases and saving people but often delayed the patient’s optimal treatment time.


Therefore, in Qing University’s Department of Medicine, there had always been two opposing forces.

One was the theoretical school that insisted on the usefulness of Chinese medicine, and the other had the same view as Liang Lu, who believed that Chinese medicine was more of pseudoscience, and it was useless whether you learned it or not.

They were all people from the clinical department this time, and clinical medicine was prominent in Western medicine.

They had seen Qiao Nian’s technique for brain surgery and craniotomy, which was very rare. Since it was an operation, it certainly did not belong to the realm of Chinese medicine. Gu Qinan never expected that she would say that she wanted to learn Chinese medicine.

As expected.

Liang Lu’s face suddenly sank, and her eyes sharpened. “You said you want to learn Chinese medicine?”

“Yes.” Qiao Nian was quite straightforward and spoke her thoughts succinctly and concisely. “If I want to study medicine, I will only study Chinese medicine.”

“Heh!” Liang Lu impetuously stared at her. “What can you learn by studying Chinese medicine? I watched the video of your surgery. Didn’t you use Western medicine?”


Since you used Western medicine to save people, why would you want to learn Chinese medicine?!

Her impression of Qiao Nian suddenly became worse. It should be said that from the first sight of Qiao Nian, her impression had never been good!

A girl who was too beautiful was not suitable for studying medicine, because studying medicine was something that needed to be done seriously.


Girls who were too beautiful had too many temptations in their lives, and few could restrain themselves.

At this moment, when Qiao Nian said that she wanted to learn Chinese medicine, it felt like she thought that Chinese medicine was better than Western medicine. Her impression of Qiao Nian plummeted.

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