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Chapter 283: The Misunderstanding About Sister Nian’s Grades

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She could just choose her preferred course after the College Entrance Examination? It seemed as though she thought the most prestigious major was a given for her!

Liang Lu was so angry. Her attitude immediately changed from the one that still had room for negotiation earlier. “Principal Yu, since the students in your school are so confident, let her take the exam. I’ll wait for her to be accepted into the Medical Faculty of Qing University in three months!”

Did she think that it would be easy to be admitted into Qing University?

For a small place like Rao City, if you wanted to pass the examination, you would need to get into the top ten grades in the whole city at least.

Before she came, she had taken a look at Qiao Nian’s grades. After she had transferred to Rao City First High School, except the one time she had achieved a good grade on her test, her grades were poor.

Not to mention the top ten in the city, she wouldn’t even be ranked in the top 1000 in the city!

Looking at her grades, it was ridiculous to think that she would be so arrogant as to boast that she could choose her preferred course by taking the College Entrance Examination!

It was just laughable!

“Principal Yu, let’s forget about the student recommendation we talked about earlier!”

“Professor Liang, don’t be like this…” The principal felt troubled. He moved his lips, but he didn’t know what else could be said to help diffuse the situation.

Liang Lu still felt uneasy. Looking at Qiao Nian again, she added on and said, “Oh, yes. Since you want to study Chinese medicine so much, in a month’s time, every university will have its own entrance examination in addition to the College Entrance Examination. Both the Clinical Department and Chinese Medicine Department will be holding their own entrance examinations. You can come and take the test, then.”

She was originally provocative and sarcastic, and never thought that Qiao Nian would be unaffected by her words. Qiao Nian curled up her crimson lips and said, “OK, I’ll be there on time.”

Liang Lu’s breath was once again caught in her throat.


Did Qiao Nian really think she was inviting her? If so, then she’d get to see whether people thought Chinese Medicine or Western Medicine was better!

After leaving the principal’s office, Qiao Nian went back to the classroom.

Just as she entered the classroom, she heard a string of greetings.

“Good morning, Sister Nian.”

“Good morning to you, Sister Nian.”

“Sister Nian, good morning.”

Silence ensued for a moment.

Qiao Nian raised her eyebrows and put one hand in her pocket. She didn’t understand what they were doing.

What was the meaning behind all those greetings?

And she could obviously feel that since she entered the classroom, everyone’s eyes were focused on her. It felt like the novelty of seeing monkeys in the zoo.

Qiao Nian pulled out her chair in a hurry.

As soon as she sat down, Liang Bowen gave her an orange-flavored candy and asked with a smile, “Sister Nian, I’ve heard all about it. Are you going to the Medical Faculty of Qing University? Sister, don’t forget me when you strike it rich!”

“Sister Nian, when you went to the principal’s office just now, did he really tell you that he wanted to recommend you to Qing University?” Shen Qingqing was also envious. Her round apple face was flushed with excitement, and her big eyes were full of longing. “Which major are you planning to study in the Medical Faculty?”

Medicine was also divided into many disciplines.

Clinical Studies, Pathology, Biomedicine, Psychology… Out of all the choices, Chinese Medicine seemed the worst.

However, Qing University specialized in scouting talented people. Sister Nian should have nothing to do with the worst major.

Several pairs of eyes were looking at her, waiting for her answer. Qiao Nian finally understood why she felt like a monkey being watched when she entered the classroom.

She casually took out her cell phone from her schoolbag, touched her crimson lips, and said, “Chinese Medicine.”

“Ah?” Shen Qingqing’s reaction was the biggest. She was surprised because she was just thinking that Sister Nian would never choose Chinese Medicine when she had the choice of a bunch of popular majors.

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