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Chapter 268: Qiao Chen, Your Award Has Been Canceled


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She was wondering why Zhao Jingwei’s incident was so peculiar that even Mayor Yuan from Beijing interfered in it.

Tang Wei stared at the handsome man standing in the middle of the booth and realized something. The Tang family was no match against Qiao Nian because Ye Wangchuan was protecting her!


Her face turned sour as she thought about it.

So, that was why…

The kid that Qiao Chen pushed down the stairs must be from the Ye family, right?

She recalled someone mentioning that Old Master Ye had a grandson that he adored. The grandson was the Ye family’s darling and everyone loved him.

He was perfect in every way possible, just that he had some issues with his leg.

But Qiao Chen pushed the kid down the stairs and even broke his leg!

The Qiao Family was done for and the Tang family was dragged into this mess…

Tang Wei regretted everything that she did.

Qiao Chen didn’t realize who was the person she pushed down. She was still confused over how Qiao Nian might be from the Jiang family.

Lost in her thoughts, she suddenly saw a guy wearing a Chinese tunic walking into the room with a stern expression. She remembered meeting him once in school.

He was Qiao Nian’s biological father.

The professor from Qing University!

Jiang Zongjin went straight to the point as he looked at the Qiao Family in the booth and said coldly, “I’ve called the piano association. Your piece that was awarded was written by Nian Nian, so you aren’t qualified to receive this award!

“Qiao Chen, your award has been canceled!”

Qiao Chen felt as though her head was buzzing as she collapsed onto the floor.

Qiao Nian didn’t know what happened next. When she reached the house, she went straight to her room upstairs to take a nap.

When she woke up, it was already night.

She slept too long. When she got up, she had a headache.

Qiao Nian took a cold shower and changed into a new piece of clothing from her closet. She felt better after that.

After her nap, her bad mood had dissipated. She picked up her phone, wanting to check the time.

However, when she turned it on, she saw a dozen unread messages.

Some of them were from Liang Bowen and Shen Qingqing.

[Sister Nian, are you alright? Please take a nap after taking a hot shower and don’t care about those idiots. Idiots won’t change. If you respond to them, they will just behave worse. She isn’t a prophet, and what she said won’t come true. Let her say what she wants. Who told you that no one likes you? I like you a lot. I’ve liked you since the first time I met you, and I think you’re pretty and kind. I’ve liked you in the past, and I’ll like you in the future…]

She couldn’t bring herself to read the rest of the message as it was too long.

It was as though Shen Qingqing was writing an essay. She started off by scolding Qiao Chen and tried to reason with Qiao Nian. In essence, what she meant was: stay away from idiots if you treasure your life!

Qiao Nian couldn’t remember how she managed to finish reading the essay. But she was touched by the message as she smiled uncontrollably as she read it.

Her fingers tapped against the screen as she replied to the message.

She felt better after replying to Shen Qingqing.

She scrolled down.

Other than Shen Qingqing, Liang Bowen, Chen Yuan, and Yuan Yongqin texted her as well.

Their messages were similar to Shen Qingqing’s.

Even Gu San sent her a message.

[Miss Qiao, don’t care about what others say. Master Wang and I feel that you’re awesome.]

Qiao Nian closed her eyes. Her dark lashes covered her deep black eyes.

He and Master Wang thought she was awesome?

Why did she feel that it sounded weird?


A new message arrived.

[Ye Wangchuan: I noticed that your lights are on. Are you awake?]

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