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Chapter 269: Ye Wangchuan Was Trying to Stand Up for her?

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Her fingers paused from typing her replies. She only paused for a moment, but before she could reply to the message, Wei Lou called her. It was as though he had planted a GPS on her and knew what she was doing.

Judging from how loud he was, he would kick up a fuss over what happened today. Qiao Nian didn’t want to pick it up, but he continued to call her. She frowned as she sat on the chair. Giving up, she picked up the call.


She took her laptop and powered it up.

As expected, a loud scream emerged when she answered the call. “Miss Qiao, you’re awesome. Why didn’t you tell me you were Jiang Zongjin’s daughter? Also, what’s your relationship with the Ye family from Beijing, damn! Why did Ye Wangchuan stand up for you? Did you know that Ye Wangchuan and your dad humiliated the Qiao Family after you left? That’s not all, Qiao Chen’s award was canceled as well. Your sister’s face turned pale and she collapsed on the floor. She couldn’t get up even though she tried to…”

Qiao Nian just woke up and no one told her what happened at the Waterside Loft after she left. She paused for a moment after hearing what he said. She placed her pale hands on the laptop and wanted to turn it on, but she changed her mind.

“Are you saying that Ye Wangchuan and my… dad stood up for me?”

It was the second time she addressed Jiang Zongjin as her dad. The first time was at the Waterside Loft. She was just reconnected with the Jiang family back then and she didn’t know anyone. When Jiang Li told her that he was her dad, she addressed him that way out of courtesy.

But it was just a formality.

Qiao Nian didn’t know what to feel now. She closed her eyes and tried to hide her feelings.

“He even called the piano association in Beijing and explained to them that Qiao Chen stole your piece. That’s why Qiao Chen’s award was canceled.”

As he spoke, Wei Lou was reminded of the look on the faces of the Qiao Family. He scoffed.

“It’s a pity that you left early. You couldn’t see the look on their faces when they learned that you’re from the Jiang family. Especially Qiao Weimin! He dared to say that it was their fault today after they were humiliated by your father and Ye Wangchuan. Qiao Weimin even asked for the opportunity to apologize to you in person!

“Hehe, I was wrong last time when I said that he was shameless. He isn’t just shameless, he’s the most shameless person in Rao City! No one can be as shameless as him!”

If he was just shameless, he wouldn’t behave as though he was a big shot and threaten Qiao Nian, telling her it was futile to call the police, saying that they would never admit that the video was real.

However, when he heard that Qiao Nian’s biological parents were in the upper echelon of society in Rao City, he changed his tone and wanted to apologize.

Did it mean that the things you allowed your lousy mouth to say didn’t count anymore?

Could he take back what he said?

Qiao Nian wasn’t surprised. She placed her phone aside and asked, “What happened next?”

“Ye Wangchuan asked him to buzz off.”

Qiao Nian was speechless.

Wei Lou supported Ye Wangchuan regarding this matter. When Ye Wangchuan said the word “scram”, it was simple and direct. Even though he was a guy, he thought that Ye Wangchuan looked cool when he said that.

“Oh right, you haven’t answered my question. When did you become Jiang Zongjin’s daughter? Also, when did you know Ye Wangchuan?”

Not everyone could know this person from the Ye family. Countless people from Beijing were lining up to meet him. How did Qiao Nian manage to get someone like him to defend her?

Judging by his actions, it was clear that Ye Wangchuan was protective of her.

Qiao Nian thought about what he said as she listened to him ramble on. Some weird feelings started to arise in her. Initially, she was sitting cross-legged on the chair, but as she listened, she placed her legs on the floor.

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