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Chapter 267: They Could Never Reach Where Qiao Nian Was At

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Qiao Nian was indeed not feeling great. It wasn’t because she had any expectations for the Qiao Family anymore. But Shen Qiongzhi’s words were hurtful. She looked around at everyone who was worried about her and pouted. There were no emotions in her dark eyes as she shook her head and said, “I’m fine.”

She was alright and wouldn’t die. It was just that she needed some time by herself.

She straightforwardly said, “I need some time alone.”

The meal couldn’t go on after what happened.

Jiang Zongjin was heartbroken to see how his daughter was insulted. Hence, he wouldn’t force her to continue this meal with him and instructed Jiang Li immediately. “Jiang Li, bring your sister back home to rest. I’ll handle things from now on.”

Jiang Li knew that he was planning to seek justice for Qiao Nian and naturally agreed. “Alright, I understand.”

He then turned to the exhausted Qiao Nian and said, “Let’s go Nian Nian, let me take you home.”

He emphasized the word: Home.

The Qiao Family’s house wasn’t home for her. If she wasn’t lost, the Qiao Family wouldn’t even be qualified to be her servants. They wouldn’t even have the opportunity to insult her like that!

It was getting late. It was time to take action against the Qiao Family!

“Do you guys think you have connections and Qiao Nian don’t, so you continue to annoy her again and again? Since you’re from Rao City, haven’t you heard of the Jiang family?”

In the private room.

Qiao Weimin and Shen Qiongzhi’s eyes widened in shock as they stared at the handsome man. They couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

“You, what did you say?”

Ye Wangchuan’s brows were sharp and he had a defined jawline. His eyes were half-closed and the buddha beads around his wrist couldn’t suppress his aura. He said, “Do you guys think that you could bully Qiao Nian because she doesn’t have anyone to protect her? Did no one tell you that her biological father is from the Jiang family in Rao City and she’s from the same family?”

Shen Qiongzhi and Qiao Weimin gasped in shock.

Qiao Chen hadn’t recovered from just now and was still tearing up. When she heard that, she retorted subconsciously, “That’s impossible!”

How could Qiao Nian belong to such a powerful family?

She was from Luohe County!

Even if she had a capable father who was great at studying and became a professor at Qing University, he was essentially a teacher. How could he be connected to the Jiang family from Rao City?

The top families in Rao City were the Tang’s, the Fu’s, the Qin’s, and the Jiang’s.

The Jiang family was the most powerful of them all. The other families had to look up to them!

The Qiao family worked hard for so many years because they wanted to be a part of the upper echelon of society in Rao City.

They hadn’t entered this inner circle. Yet, Qiao Nian was already in the most powerful family?!

Ye Wangchuan saw that she was ignorant and his face turned cold. He looked deeply at her as though he was a lion ready to pounce on its prey. He looked her in the eyes and nonchalantly said, “Not only is she from the Jiang family, but she will also be the young madam of the Ye family in the future.”


The Ye family from Rao City was too far away from them, and there was no way that the Qiao Family would interact with them. The most powerful families they could interact with would be the top families in Rao City.

But Madam Fu and Tang Wei knew what it meant.

Shocked, they started to shake uncontrollably.

Qiao Nian had a wedding arrangement with this guy?!

What kind of a joke was this?!

They had utterly offended her!

Since they offended Qiao Nian, did it mean that they had offended Ye Wangchuan and the Ye family that he was a part of?!


Tang Wei took a deep breath to calm herself down. She straightened her posture as she leaned against the chair with a regretful expression.

If she had known, she wouldn’t have said anything just now. She shouldn’t have kept targeting Qiao Nian.

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