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Chapter 266: You’re a Monster That No One Will Like

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“I will be keeping this video, and I can hand it over to the police any time I want. Qiao Chen, you have two choices. Chen Chen broke his leg, so you can choose between your leg or enrolling into Ren Yi!”

Now that she had seen it, Qiao Nian could go straight to the point. “You have two days to think about it. I will be sending the video to the police in two days. So, you should give me a reply in two days. I won’t be waiting!”

It was Qiao Chen’s dream to study in Ren Yi. If she were to rely on her grades by attending the College Entrance Examination, there was no way for her to get into a top-rated university in Beijing!

The guaranteed enrollment into Ren Yi was her saving grace.

If she lost it, Qiao Chen would rather die.

Qiao Nian didn’t want to see their reaction after finishing what she had to say. She picked up her phone and walked out.


She could hear Shen Qiongzhi’s crazy scolding. “Qiao Nian, do you think that people will like you if Chen Chen can’t get into Ren Yi? No one will like you! No one did in the past, and no one ever will! You’re a monster! You bring bad luck to everyone around you. The family only met with misfortune since we met you! Someone as unlucky as you will be alone till your death! I curse you to have a horrible death!”

Did no one like her? Qiao Nian slid her hand into her pocket. She didn’t react to her scolding as she left the booth…

Outside of the booth.

Shen Qinqing and the rest of Class A heard the scoldings. Shen Qiongzhi seemed to have gone crazy and was still cursing at her.

She used some awful words.

Some of them were horrible.

They looked at Qiao Nian as she got out. They didn’t know how to console her.

“Sister Nian, are you alright?”

Qiao Chen’s mom was shameless. She was so old, yet she was saying such unkind words.

It felt horrible for them even though they weren’t related. Sister Nian must be hurt by what she said.

Shen Qingqing heard the continuous scolding and wanted to join in and argue with Shen Qiongzhi.

However, someone was quicker than her. He was so quick that she didn’t notice when Sister Nian’s “boyfriend” entered the room.

No one heard what he said. But the scoldings from the booth stopped and the booth fell silent.


Ye Qichen’s eyes turned red and teary. He looked up to Qiao Nian with a guilty expression after the booth fell silent and said, “Sister, it’s my fault. Because of me… you were…”

Accused of such things.

How could she say that no one liked his sister and no one would love her?


He liked Sister and his young uncle liked her, too. Uncle Jiang Li liked her as well… They liked Sister a lot. How could that hag say that no one would like or love his sister because she was a monster?

They were the monsters!

He rubbed off the tears in his eyes as he didn’t want Qiao Nian to see that he was crying. He sniffed, forced a smile, and said, “It’s alright, I will protect Sister when I grow up! I will defeat all these bad guys!”

Gu San was heartbroken by this sight. He took out a napkin and wiped his tears. He then looked up and asked worriedly, “Miss Qiao, are you alright?”

He knew about the bad relationship between Qiao Nian and the Qiao Family. Madam Qiao raised Miss Qiao for 18 years. How could she say such unkind words?

No one could be unaffected by those words, right?

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