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Chapter 265: Her Programming Skills Are as Good as a Hacker

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She didn’t dare to look Madam Fu in the eyes. She didn’t dare to look at Fu Ge’s reaction as well, even though he was just next to her.

She only had one thought.

It’s over!

Her reputation was ruined.

The Fu family would never accept her.

At least, Madam Fu wouldn’t forgive her.

Everything was over for her.

Shocked, Shen Qingqing asked uncontrollably, “Hey, what was Sister Nian doing on the laptop? I saw some things flashing across the screen, and it looked like mathematical formulas…”

Liang Bowen was annoyed by her ignorance and explained softly to her, “It was a program code.

“Sister Nian must have written a program on the spot and improved the video’s clarity. Then, you saw the rest of the video…”

The video from the passerby’s phone immediately became clear.

Shen Qingqing suddenly realized the type of program Sister Nian wrote and was shocked. She asked, “Is it possible for someone to write a program on the spot?

“Why would the netizens say that it’s hard to be a programmer and one would go bald at a young age? Sister Nian did it with ease in a couple of minutes.”

Liang Bowen didn’t know how to explain to her. He was also shocked. He could only blurt out. “It’s different for everyone.”

He wasn’t sure what was going on as well!

Gu San was also shocked by what he saw. He turned to look at Ye Wangchuan and asked, “Master Wang, were you also aware of this?”

Master Wang knew that Miss Qiao was skilled in medicine earlier than him previously, and he wasn’t shocked at all.

Wait, was Master Wang aware?!

Miss Qiao was really good, and her programming skills were as good as a hacker’s!

Ye Wangchuan was silent. He looked thoughtfully at Qiao Nian. His interest was sparked.

He suspected that Qiao Nian was connected to the Red Alliance after the Miracle Doctor incident. Now, he confirmed his suspicion…


But how did she get involved with the Red Alliance? What had she gone through? Who taught her how to practice medicine and programming?

Ye Wangchuan felt that Qiao Nian was like mist.

You thought you finally comprehended who she was when you got closer to her. But you would eventually realize that you only knew very little of her…

Gu San didn’t get a reply. He looked back inside and exclaimed in awe, “Miss Qiao is so awesome!”

Suddenly, someone replied to him proudly, “My sister is awesome from the start!”

Gu San looked down and saw the sparkle in Ye Qichen’s eyes. His face was flushed, and he seemed as though he was the one that programmed the code just now.

Gu San was speechless.

You could not mess with either of them.

Yet, they supported Miss Qiao wholeheartedly.

In the booth.

Qiao Chen started to cry as she couldn’t stand it anymore.

Shen Qiongzhi held onto her as she stared angrily at Qiao Nian. She scolded. “Qiao Nian, why do you harp so much on Chen Chen? So what if she accidentally pushed the kid down? You grew up with her, how could the kid match up to her!”

She watched as Qiao Nian disconnected her phone from the laptop with no expression on her pretty face. It felt as though Shen Qiaongzhi’s anger and shame were nothing to her, and she would never react to it.

“Yup, she can’t match up to him.

“She shouldn’t have said those words.”

Little cripple.

It was disgusting.

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