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Chapter 264: Settling Things Once and for All

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Did Qiao Weimin say that the video was fabricated?

Everyone watched her as she walked towards the projector and connected her phone to the laptop via USB. She turned on the laptop.

Outside of the booth, Shen Qingqing and the rest of Class A were shocked.

She turned around and asked her friends, “What is sister Nian doing?”

Liang Bowen wasn’t sure. He shook his head and replied to her, “Let’s watch on.”

Ye Wangchuan wanted to help. But he decided to keep watching after seeing that she had it under control.


The laptop turned on and the projector showed the desktop wallpaper.

Qiao Nian clicked on the phone’s folder.

She then found the video that was sent from the Red Alliance.

She started coding.

She did it really quickly. It was as though the computer was programming itself.

It didn’t seem like someone was coding on the spot.

As the Qiao Family watched her, they became confused and didn’t think that her computing skills were this good. Seeing the video, Qiao Chen started to worry.

They saw that the script was done and the video was refreshed. Qiao Nian clicked on the video again.

It started playing!

Qiao Chen’s face appeared on the big screen. It was a really clear image of her this time. You could see every strand of hair on her head.

She was tugging a cute and handsome boy at the staircase.

She wanted to bring the kid out to play. However, the kid rejected her impatiently. She didn’t give up and tried to drag him out, but during the process, the kid was annoyed and wanted to bite her…

Qiao Chen got angry and stopped being gentle with him. Her expression turned harsh as she became angry that the kid wasn’t being cooperative. As she moved away from the kid, she pushed him down the stairs with cruel intentions!

She tried to mask it as she flung his hand away. You would have missed it if you weren’t looking closely.

But Qiao Nian processed the video and zoomed in on both of them. The quality was clear, too.

Hence, everyone in the booth saw clearly that Qiao Chen pushed a kid down the stairs!

A huge commotion followed!

After Qiao Chen pushed the kid down the stairs, she got down as well.

You couldn’t see them in the video anymore, but you could hear their conversation.

“Hey, are you alright?”

“Get up, I know you’re fine. Quit acting.”

“Are you done? Get up. You’re just a little cripple. Stop acting.”

The part that contained the little cripple was processed as well.

Everyone could hear it this time.

Because they heard it clearly, a shocked look appeared on their faces as they looked unbelievably at Qiao Chen!

Madam Fu’s face turned red with anger!

Her face twitched in anger as she stood up and screamed. “Didn’t you swear to me that you were innocent and you never pushed Chen Chen down? Is this what you mean by not pushing him! I see that you’re definitely not an innocent victim! This is the first time in my long life that I was cheated by a young girl. You and the Qiao Family are really audacious!”

She regretted listening to her kid and attending this birthday party!

“Madam Fu, I, I… Let me explain…”

Qiao Chen stood there awkwardly as she didn’t know what to do. It was agonizing how everyone was looking at her.


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