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Chapter 263: Sister Nian Had the Same Signature!

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Qiao Chen was shocked. The prize was awarded by the piano association, how could it not be meant for the piano?

Qiao Nian knew what she was thinking and was amused. “Who told you that the piece awarded by the piano association must be a piano piece? It might be meant to be played with the konghou.”

Qiao Chen had never heard of an instrument like the konghou. She retorted angrily. “What are you talking about? What’s a konghou, anyway? How could a piece meant for konghou become a piano piece when they are two different instruments! The judges aren’t idiots, they can tell the difference between the two of them!”

“That’s because I arranged it to be played on the piano.”

Qiao Nian was calm compared to how agitated Qiao Chen was. It felt as though the Qiao Family and Qiao Chen were clowns to her.

Music had no boundaries!

The only difference was the instrument it was played on!

“Has no one told you that the piece sounded weird when you played it on the piano?”

Qiao Chen’s mouth and eyes opened wide with shock.

She remembered Tang Wei saying that. She was told that her piece could have gotten first place, but the judges realized it didn’t sound great on the piano even though it was a great piece. Hence, they awarded the top prize to someone else, and she had to settle for second place.

Could it be like what Qiao Nian said, this wasn’t a piano piece and was meant for another instrument?

This was ridiculous!

Her heart started to race as she had only one thought: I must never admit it!

She frowned with anger in her teary eyes. She said, “I don’t know what you are talking about. I wasn’t that skilled four years ago and there were definitely some flaws in the piece. But it’s for the piano, it wasn’t for any other instrument. Since you’re accusing me of using something you created, do you have any proof?”

Any piece of music was just filled with musical notes, and she didn’t believe that Qiao Nian was capable of proving she created it!

Qiao Nian scoffed, expecting her reaction. She asked, “You must have just submitted the piece without making another copy, right?”

Qiao Chen clenched her fists as her heart skipped a beat!

She didn’t make a copy!

“I have a habit of marking my things. It acts as a watermark as well. Since you claim the piece was written by you, please explain why the piece had ‘sun’ written in invisible ink.”

She didn’t put much thought into the piece when she first created it. She marked it using an invisible pen out of habit.

The ink would disappear after it dried up, but it would appear under the sun or when subjected to special chemicals.

The paper which Qiao Chen submitted for the winning piece had the word “sun” on it.




Even though I may be in hell, I look forward to the light!

At this moment, Shen Qingqing and the rest of Class A arrived.

They heard what she said.

—Please explain why the piece had ‘sun’ written in invisible ink!

Sheng Qingqing was shocked.

She remembered that the rock artist she idolized, Chase Light, liked to mark his work using invisible ink as well.

His signature was “sun”, the exact same as Sister Nian’s!

Was this just a coincidence?

Qiao Nian didn’t notice their arrival. Her attention was on Qiao Chen.

She noticed how her shocked expression turned into panic. She also noticed a projector in the booth and started walking toward it.

She was a lazy person and would rather settle things once and for all!

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