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Chapter 262: Exposing Her in Front of Everyone

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Did Ye Wangchuan need the money?

Qiao Nian thought about it.

Ever since she first met Ye Wangchuan, he had been staying with Jiang Li. Not only was he staying in Jiang Li’s house, but he also drove Jiang Li’s Phaeton around. Despite that, she would never believe that Ye Wangchuan needed money.


Let’s not consider other things.

She could tell that Ye Wangchuan didn’t need the money from the fact that he had access to the rare material!

Speaking about Chen Chen’s grandma, Ye Lan, she wanted to pass her a bank card with 10 million yuan the first time she met her in the hospital.

The Qiao Family could never match up to them. Asking them to pay 1 million as compensation for the little kid would be asking for their lives.

Qiao Nian replied to him nonchalantly, “I have a lot of money.

“I just want to break Qiao Chen’s leg.

“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!”

Qiao Weimin’s expression changed after he realized that Qiao Nian wasn’t willing to budge. He smiled thoughtfully and said, “Does it mean that you have confirmed that the person in the video is Chen Chen? I would like to suggest another perspective. Your video wouldn’t be usable in court because we don’t know the source. Chen Chen also mentioned that she has no idea where you got this video from. I would think that you fabricated it. As for the reason why you would do that…

“It’s simple. You’re jealous of Chen Chen because she’s better than you and she’s more well-liked. She even got a place in Ren Yi and was awarded for the piece she submitted. Coincidentally, your friend’s child fell down the stairs and you couldn’t find the culprit. But Chen Chen was there that day and you placed the blame on her. You knew that your suspicion wouldn’t work without any evidence, so you asked your friend to create this video to frame her…”

He continued smilingly, “As you can see, my story is logical too.”


Qiao Weimin’s suit and nice complexion made him look capable. He had been in business for too long and was experienced.

Even though he might seem decent on the outside, you would never know what he was actually like.

Qiao Nian was initially only determined to seek justice for Chen Chen. Hence, when she heard how Qiao Weimin was trying to wiggle his way out of this situation, she raised her brow and asked, “Are you done?”

Qiao Weimin suddenly had a bad feeling.

Qiao Nian glanced at him and asked about the girl who was still trying to gain everyone’s sympathy.

“You said that I was jealous about Qiao Chen’s award and wanted to frame her, right?”

Qiao Weimin looked her in the eyes and asked, “Is that not so?

“Chen Chen’s award is from the most famous piano competition in the country. She had a pretty high ranking as well. It isn’t surprising you’re jealous of her.”

Qiao Nian chuckled and answered, “That would be true if she got the award on her own merit. But what if she stole the piece that was awarded…”

The people in the booth were shocked.

“What does she mean? Was the awarded piece not written by Qiao Chen?”

“Is that possible?”

“The Qiao Family announced to everyone about Qiao Chen’s award. If she stole her piece, it would be hilarious.”


Qiao Chen froze. What she feared most finally came. She clenched her fists and forced an angry look in front of everyone. She screamed. “Don’t go too far, I wrote the piece myself!”

Qiao Nian looked up with her dark eyes and asked, “Heh, are you sure that the piece was meant to be played on the piano?”

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