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Chapter 261: He Wanted to Pay His Way Out of This?

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“I…” Qiao Chen mumbled as she started to tear up.

He Yujuan saw how Qiao Nian was ruining the birthday party that they planned for two weeks.

Her face turned red in anger.

She raised her walking stick, wanting to hit Qiao Nian, and screamed. “You trash! We raised you for 18 years for nothing! You have stayed with us and ate with us for the past 18 years. It’s fine if you don’t want to repay us. But now, you’re trying to ruin your sister’s birthday party. If I knew you would be so ungrateful, I wouldn’t have adopted you in the first place. I should have drowned you in the toilet!”

The Qiao Family was reputable and could be considered to be a part of the upper echelon of society in Rao City.

Yet, He Yujuan was behaving like a lunatic as she scolded Qiao Nian.

This caused the business owners that Qiao Weimin invited to frown.

Even Tang Wei, whom she was close to, frowned as well. She started to look down on her.

That went for Madam Fu as well. Madam Fu felt as though her seat was on fire, and she wanted to leave immediately. She regretted listening to Fu Ge and coming here.

The Qiao Family could never be accepted in high society. She should have never established any connections with them!

She felt that something was amiss when she heard the conversation in the video just now. She had a hunch that she wasn’t told something that she was supposed to know.


Everyone turned to look at them.

Qiao Weimin could feel that the others in the booth were starting to look down on them. It felt as though they were watching a show. He pulled He Yujuan aside and exclaimed, “Mom!”

He then shook his head at her.

Even though He Yujuan was furious, she had to care about her son’s image. Hence, she controlled the urge to continue scolding Qiao Nian.

Even though she still scolded her once.

“What an ungrateful brat!”

Qiao Weimin then looked at the outstanding girl in the booth. Despite the commotion, she wasn’t affected at all. It was as though she had nothing to do with it.

She continued to stand tall and proud.

There was still a fierce look in her eyes.

It seemed like she wasn’t going to let the Qiao Family off today!

Qiao Weimin had a bad feeling about it. Even though he didn’t see the video because he was too far away, he heard it.

It seemed like Chen Chen pushed a kid down the stairs and even insulted him after that.

Qiao Nian might not have the evidence to prove what Qiao Chen did beyond a doubt. The video was unclear as well. But Qiao Chen was his daughter and he raised Qiao Nian for 18 years, so he knew the two of them really well.

When he heard what Qiao Nian said and saw Chen Chen’s reaction, he knew it was true!

Chen Chen really pushed a kid down the stairs.

Qiao Nian must have known the kid and they must be close. That was why she wanted to seek justice for him.

He walked over to them. He had been a businessman for the longest time and could maintain his composure. He didn’t ask Qiao Chen when the video was recorded and why she didn’t inform the family.

He frowned and negotiated with Qiao Nian calmly. “Nian Nian, I’m not sure where you got the video from. But from what I gathered, Chen Chen was wrong this time. This country has laws and no one is above them. It’s impossible if you want to break Chen Chen’s leg.

“Why don’t you let me know who’s the kid and what’s his address. I will bring Chen Chen to him to apologize. We’ll also pay for his hospitalization and recovery cost. How does that sound?”


He wanted to pay his way out of this?

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