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Chapter 260: Liking a Child and Liking an Adult Was Different


He picked up his cup and took three big gulps before he stopped choking.

He saw the kid’s angry expression and thought to himself. “My Little Young Master, could you warn me before saying something like that next time.” He didn’t want to die of choking at such a young age!

Ye Qichen was only concerned about Qiao Nian who hadn’t returned after half an hour. He wasn’t looking forward to eating with the adults here. If it wasn’t for Qiao Nian, he wouldn’t have come.

But she hadn’t returned after so long. He couldn’t walk because of his leg’s current condition.

Ye Qichen started to sulk as he thought about his leg. If it wasn’t for Sister, he might have become a real cripple and would have to use the wheelchair for the rest of his life. Yet, he could still walk if he put in more effort to recover.

“You’re just jealous that Sister likes me and not you!” Ye Qichen widened his eyes as he stared at Ye Wangchuan. He really resembled Ye Wangchuan when he did this.

The people in the Ye family had defined facial features.

As he was young and his face was still chubby, his facial features weren’t fully developed yet. But his eyes were like the ones from the Ye family.

They were dark and dazzling!

Even though he might just be glancing at you, it looked as though he was focused on you.

Gu San thought Ye Wangchuan would deny it.

Who knew.

“So what if I’m jealous.” He admitted it confidently.

Gu San’s eyes widened in shock as he stared at him. Ye Wangchuan was looking down at the kid. His slender neck curved as he looked down. His collars weren’t buttoned up and it showed off his sexy collarbones.

He had a sarcastic look on his face.

Ye Qichen’s face flustered up in anger and his ears turned red as he glared at him and screamed. “You’re jealous even though you’re an adult already. No wonder Sister likes me instead of you!”

Ye Wangchuan scoffed as he saw how prideful and angry the kid was. He placed his hand on the table, and the string of Buddhist beads around his wrist became obvious.

He asked, “Do you know why she likes you?”

Ye Qichen paused for a while.

Wanting to bully him, Ye Wangchuan continued with his raspy voice, “It’s because you’re a child and I’m an adult.

“Liking a child is different from liking an adult. You’ll learn this when you are older. But, by then, it’ll be too late.”

When he understood it, he would have to address her as Aunt!

Even though Ye Qichen didn’t know what he meant, he could tell that Ye Wangchuan was trying to bully him. He wanted to retort.

Suddenly, a guy that went to the washroom burst into the booth.

“Oh no, Sister Nian… She ruined Qiao Chen’s birthday party!”

Qiao Chen started to tremble as she saw the wooden rod in front of her.

In the booth, a chair was broken into pieces and scattered all over the floor. The party was ruined by the splinters that flew all over the place.

Qiao Nian stood in front of her.

It was as though she was the devil.

“Are you doing it, or should I help you?”

Qiao Chen stayed silent as her face turned pale. Her eyes wandered but ended up looking at her.

Her eyes were cold and dark. She wasn’t joking!

Qiao Nian really wanted to break her leg because of the kid!

Qiao Chen clenched her fists. It felt as though her legs turned to jelly as she struggled not to collapse.

Was she crazy?

She was about to enroll in Ren Yi. She would be in the show biz in the future. She needed her legs to dance ballet so that she could be a celebrity.

She would be in the upper echelon of society after marrying Fu Ge. She wanted to learn fencing and horse riding after that… If anything happened to her leg, how could she fulfill her dreams?

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