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Chapter 247: There Was a Gigantic Cake

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He Yujuan and the rest of the Qiao family couldn’t bring themselves to follow the waiter to their booth after what happened.

Meanwhile, at Qiao Nian’s party.

In the booth that wasn’t available to the public.

Some of the dishes were served already.

Qiao Nian found a seat and sat down unceremoniously.

Ye Wangchuan immediately sat next to her. Meanwhile, Jiang Li wasn’t as fast as Jiang Zongjin and lost the other seat to him. The rest of the classmates strolled into the booth as they discussed what He Yujuan said to the waiter.

Qiao Nian rested her hand against her chair as she replied to someone on her phone.

Ye Wangchuan smiled as he leaned closer to her. He then asked softly next to her ear, “Was that what you meant by humiliating them yourself?”

[Nie: I’m on my way.]

Qiao Nian saw the message and replied with an “Ok”.

She kept her phone and looked up at him. She answered, “Not exactly.

“I just couldn’t stand seeing them pretend as though nothing had happened!”

She was waiting for something from the Red Alliance.

She would make Qiao Chen’s life a living hell after she got the evidence that she was the one that pushed the kid down the stairs.

She had collected some evidence already.

It was enough to ruin her reputation.

“That’s why you angered them on purpose?” Ye Wangchuan asked as he realized she had a temper as well. However, it was cute and wasn’t annoying to him.

“Yup…” Qiao Nian didn’t continue the conversation.

She passed a new bottle of gum to the kid and started to chat with him.

Other dishes continued to be served to the booth. They even prepared a gigantic cake…

It wasn’t as joyful in the other booth.

Qiao Weimin and the rest of the Qiao family were speechless.

No one was in the mood for celebration.

Qiao Chen’s eyes were teary as she lowered her head. She was close to tears.

Fu Ge patted her on the shoulder and tried to comfort her with anger in his eyes. “It’s alright Chen Chen. Don’t be affected by her. She could only do this by leveraging on Young Master Ye.”


Qiao Chen remained silent as her eyes became more cloudy.

Even though she leveraged on Ye Wangchuan, there was no denying that she managed to humiliate them just now!

She couldn’t bring herself to remember how humiliating it was for her just now.

The dishes started to arrive.

He Yujuan took a deep breath to calm herself down and then stood up and forced a smile. She picked up her cup of tea and spoke to the caucasian man. “Mr. Steven, here’s a toast to thank you for attending my granddaughter’s birthday party.”

Steven was invited by Tang Wei. He took a look at Qiao Chen’s winning piece and had a good impression of her. Hence, he lifted his wine glass and toasted her back. He then said, “Madam Qiao, you’re too kind.”

Their interaction lightened up the mood immediately.

Qiao Chen felt better after she realized that there was someone like Steven at her party. She then swallowed her tears.

As He Yujuan and Steven conversed, the party became more lively.

At this moment.

Someone opened the door.

Everyone looked at the person—

It was a young man, and an old guy was following behind him. He was wearing a normal shirt and nothing was outstanding about him.

However, he was carrying something. An instrument that was shaped like a harp.

Shen Qiongzhi was puzzled. She turned to Qiao Weimin and asked, “Who’s that, did you invite that person?”

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