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Chapter 246: We Booked the Largest Private Room

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All the reporters were on Qiao Nian! Qiao Chen was practically tearing her skin apart from all the scratching.

She took a few deep breaths but couldn’t put out the fire in her heart.

Qiao Nian!!!

He Yujuan calmed down much sooner and said to Qiao Weimin and the rest, “It’s almost noon, we should go in too.

“We booked the largest private room in Waterside Loft today.”

She emphasized the word “largest”.

As if trying to have an edge over Qiao Nian in this aspect.

No matter how powerful that ingrate was, she was only having a meal in the main hall of Waterside Loft. The Qiao’s, on the other hand, had used their connections to book the best seats in Waterside Loft!


He Yujuan held her breath and walked inside.

Waterside Loft was the same as always—a rustic furnishing that was comfortable and magnificent. The element of nature gave the typical urbanized look a more pure and uncontaminated touch.

Qiao Nian’s group and theirs entered at the same time.

“Welcome to Waterside Loft.” The waiters inside were all dressed in traditional-style Chinese wear, looking elegant and gracious. They also smiled at all times, which didn’t seem too cold nor imposing.

“Uh, everyone is…” One of them was about to ask if everyone came as a single group.

He Yujuan cut her off and said, “Hi, we reserved our seats under the Qiao Family, Qiao Chen.”

“Oh.” The attendant got it right away and quickly said, “Alright, we’ll take you to our private room now.”

He Yujuan’s expression was more pleasant now.

The rest of the Qiao Family seemed more at ease too, and their faces were no longer an awful mix of anger and embarrassment like before.

Seeing how they looked, Qiao Nian smiled calmly, but with a tinge of wildness and playfulness.

At this point, the attendant in charge of welcoming them saw Qiao Nian’s group as well. She got some colleagues to lead He Yujuan’s group first, then spoke to her.

“Hello, may I know if you have a reservation?”

Jiang Zongjin was about to say “Yes”.

But at this point, the girl with a cool and suave aura looked up. The sense of wildness in her bright eyes was unmistakable, and her voice was clear as day as she replied, “Qiao Nian.”

The attendant flipping through the notebook looked up when she heard her. She appeared stunned. “You’re Miss Qiao?”

Their Manager had informed them a few days prior that an important guest was arriving today, and they had to attend to them well.

She put down everything on hand and said to Qiao Nian’s group seriously, “Miss Qiao, the largest private room has been prepared for you. Please come with me!”

The largest private room!

The four words were like a tight slap to He Yujuan’s face.

She could feel a buzzing by her ear as she tried making sense of it. Something seemed to be lodged in her throat.

She almost couldn’t find her voice.

“If theirs is the largest private room, what’s ours?”

What sort of joke was this!

When they reserved their room, the people at Waterside Loft told them that they were reserving the largest private room in the place!

“Oh, about that.” The attendant explained, “Here in Waterside Loft, we have a private room that isn’t open to the public. It’s our biggest private room with the best seats.”


They had been telling everyone that they had reserved the largest private room. But now it seemed like there was another one which was even larger than the one they’d booked! He Yujuan’s chest heaved wildly; she was so close to passing out upon hearing this!

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