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Chapter 248: An Old Guy Entered the Room

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Qiao Weimin didn’t know them, either. He shook his head as he asked in puzzlement, “I have no idea. I didn’t invite him. Could he be invited by Mom?”

He frowned as he noticed the two of them weren’t dressed nicely.

However, Tang Wei recognized the person.

Shocked, her face flushed in excitement. She screamed. “Master Nie?”

She wasn’t even as surprised when she saw Yuan Yongqin and Su Huaiyuan. Thus, her current reaction attracted everyone’s attention

But Tang Wei didn’t care about them.

She was utterly shocked and couldn’t control her emotions.

She had never thought to see Master Nie here!

He was considered a master in the piano world. In the country, he was ranked the first or second best, and globally, he was one of the top ten masters.

Even though Steven was famous internationally, he was around the same standard as her.

It was just that they had different nationalities. Steven was famous overseas and he was famous locally!

But Nie Huan was different. He was a legend!

Anyone who was into classical music worshipped Nie Huan!

Someone like him would be addressed as a master when he was out in public.

However, someone like her would address Nie Huan respectfully as a master!

You could even say that there was a distinct skill gap between them and Nie Huan. The difference between their skills was so huge that Tang Wei wasn’t confident of catching up to him!

Even though Nie Huan was celebrated in the industry, he was most famous for the konghou1!

He was the only konghou master in the world.

He was the only one in the world that managed to inherit this priceless heritage.

He was usually low profile and would only appear in academic research. However, how could she not be shocked when a living legend appeared right in front of her?

She had never imagined that the Qiao Family would be capable of inviting someone of his caliber!

The two of them didn’t hear what she said. The young man was shocked by the number of people in the booth and asked, “Hello, is Miss Qiao celebrating her birthday here?”


Everyone turned—

And looked at Qiao Chen.

Master Nie was looking for Qiao Chen?

Qiao Chen was shocked as she looked around puzzledly.

Who was this guy, did Grandma invite them?

Tang Wei was excited as she looked at Qiao Chen thoughtfully. She smiled for the first time today and said, “Chen Chen, what are you waiting for, why aren’t you hosting Master Nie?”

“Master Nie?” someone asked.

Tang Wei scoffed. “You young people are only interested in the latest trend and the biggest stars. You know nothing about real art. Master Nie is the only person that mastered the konghou. He’s a real musician!”

After hearing what she said, they turned to look at the simply-dressed old man.

Was he that awesome?!

Xu Xu exclaimed uncontrollably, “Chen Chen is so awesome. She managed to invite such a person.”

She just wanted to express how she felt.

Qiao Chen heard it. Even though she was still at a loss, she felt more confident.

Fu Ge knew who Master Nie was. However, he only heard rumors of him. Therefore, he looked at Qiao Chen in surprise and asked, “Chen Chen, why didn’t you tell me that Master Nie would be here?”

“I…” Qiao Chen wanted to tell everyone that she hadn’t had a clue why Master Nie was here!

Her classmates from Class B started to tease her. “That’s right, Chen Chen. Aren’t you trying too hard to be low profile? You managed to keep it a secret for so long.”


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