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Chapter 245: Master Wang: “As I should”

Given the way he greeted Old Master Su, it seemed like they were rather familiar with each other.

If those big bosses knew anyone personally, could these people be any ordinary?

“What are we waiting for? Cameras, prepare the cameras!”

They had the materials for today!

Duel Between The Real And Fake Rich Girls, “Fake Rich Girl” Tramples All Over The Real One! Half Of Rao City’s Top-Tier Figures Gather!

It was impressive no matter what!

The reporters were getting excited, and so were the Qiao Family’s guests. They began discussing and whispering.

Only Xu Xu and a few others didn’t know the big shots and how powerful they were. The few of them were at a loss, not knowing what was going on.

Everyone else who knew Qiao Nian’s guests wished they were one of them.

The groups finally met, and Qiao Nian looked at Ye Qichen.

The moment he came, she ruffled his soft hair and her eyes softened right away. She asked, “Chen Chen, does physiotherapy hurt?”

Ye Qichen was extremely dependent on her. He shook his head and said, “Nope.”

That sweet voice… no one could bear to hurt him after hearing his voice.

Not only did he have a sweet voice, but he also had a sweet personality.

He retrieved a little bag from the side of his wheelchair and handed it to Qiao Nian. His eyes lit up as he said a little shyly, “Happy birthday, Sister!”

“This is your gift.” His lashes fluttered as he said between excited pants, “Uncle and I bought it for you together. I also prepared a gift for you on my own, I’ll pass it to you later.”

Pushing his wheelchair, Gu San was speechless.

Little Young Master, this isn’t what you said when you bought the gift with Master Wang. You said you would prepare Miss Qiao’s gift with him, but you ended up doing something more secretly?

He subconsciously glanced at the man at the side. Master Wang seemed rather calm.


Upon hearing that it was a gift they prepared together, Qiao Nian accepted it quietly and then thanked the little one first.

She then straightened up and looked at the outstanding man. Her voice was slightly hoarse as she said, “Thank you.”

Ye Wangchuan’s thin lips curled up flirtatiously and sexily. “As I should.”

Qiao Nian was speechless.

[Thank you.]

[As I should.]

It sounded like a very normal conversation, but for some reason, it sounded weird coming from him.

Qiao Nian felt a little cornered by his response.

The two parties had actually seen each other already.

When Wei Lou and the few of them saw Jiang Li, they realized that Qiao Nian’s biological family was actually the Jiang family of Rao City. Hence, they automatically invited Ye Wangchuan as part of the Jiang family too.

The Jiang family and Gu San then automatically invited Wei Lou and Su Huaiyuan to make things grander for Qiao Nian.

The only person who saw through all this was Ye Wangchuan.

But he didn’t say a thing. With both hands in his pockets, he looked like he would never be surprised by anything regarding Qiao Nian.

He simply glanced at Yuan Yongqin, Su Huaiyuan, and the rest. He now understood what Qiao Nian meant when she said she was going to take care of the crazy people herself.

Given the looks of it, she was probably going to utterly embarrass some people today!

Ye Wangchuan smiled and walked to the Qiao Family’s side in a sanguine manner.

He was somewhat excited.

Since everyone had arrived, Qiao Nian had no intention of staying out here any longer.

She let Jiang Zongjin and the rest know and then led the crowd into Waterside Loft…

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