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Chapter 235: Stealing the Limelight

Fu Ge and Madam Fu got out of the car first.

Fu Ge was dressed more formally today in a shirt. His facial features were bright and handsome, and he hopped off the luxury car like an idol.

It was a scene to behold.

“Brother Fu Ge.” Qiao Chen’s cheeks turned a little red as she called out to him coquettishly.

Fu Ge saw her the moment he alighted. Qiao Chen was dressed especially nicely today, practically the most stunning attraction in the crowd.

As her boyfriend, he definitely felt proud. He was about to walk over to her when Madam Fu grabbed his arm discreetly and side-eyed him.

“We’re in public now, you’d better watch yourself. The Qiao Family got some reporters here.”

Fu Ge furrowed his brows and was about to ask what the big deal about the reporters was.

But as he looked at his mother’s tense expression, he swallowed his words.

He had tried convincing her for days, saying that Qiao Chen had won the award and that the Qiao Family would make it large-scale. He had to tell her about how many people would be invited and who these big shots were before his mother agreed to come. He was worried that if he talked back to her now, his mother wouldn’t think twice about embarrassing Qiao Chen and might just leave the event.

Hence, he could only swallow his words for now. Only when he was right before Qiao Chen did he say to her, “Happy birthday, Chen Chen.”

“Thank you, Brother Fu Ge.” Qiao Chen’s eyes were practically filled with stars as she looked up at him.

Fu Ge saw that pretty little face of hers and couldn’t wait any longer. He handed her the gift he’d bought without Madam Fu’s knowledge.

“Your 18th birthday present.”

Madam Fu’s expression darkened slightly.

He’d bought a gift for Qiao Chen behind her back?

Well, Qiao Weimin and the rest had already made things clear to her. As angry as she was that Fu Ge heeded her words on the surface but acted against them, she could only suppress it.

But everyone could tell that her expression was awful.

Qiao Chen opened the gift box and saw a heart-shaped diamond bracelet inside. She could barely conceal her delight as she took the bracelet out of the box and blinked tears back. “I love this gift so much. Thank you, Brother Fu Ge.”

Fu Ge had actually just casually picked it. Seeing how much she liked it, he felt touched but also a little guilty. He reached out to wipe the tears in the corner of her eyes and said gently, “What’s that, silly. If you like it, I’ll get one for you every year.”

Qiao Chen choked on her tears, and her eyes reddened. She wiped her eyes as if she was immensely touched and then nodded like a meek little bird.


This scene of a handsome man and a beautiful girl—both dressed to the nines—seemed straight out of a movie.

“I’m so envious, this must be her boyfriend.”

At this moment.

The passengers of the second car alighted as well.

It was Tang Wei.

Tang Wei was wearing the traditional outfit she was known for. The button at her collarbone was intricately designed to bring out her elegance, and the jade necklace around her neck further elevated her grace.

The reporters stirred.

“Wah, it’s Tang Wei!”

“It isn’t just Lan Lan who’s here today, Tang Wei came as well. Qiao Chen is so young, but her family’s connections are rather wide. Even Tang Wei is showing her face by attending.”

“I heard her grandma is a close friend of Tang Wei.”

“What a good life.”

At this point, He Yujuan walked over with Qiao Chen and greeted Tang Wei with a smile. “You’re here? We feel so bad about troubling you. I heard that you were ill a while ago, but you’ve come just for Chen Chen…”

Qiao Chen obediently greeted her too. “Grandma Tang.”

Tang Wei’s eyes got a little dark as her illness was brought up. But she was a crafty fox herself and could easily conceal all her unhappiness behind her expression. “It’s just a mild one.”

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