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Chapter 234: Three Cars Arrived

She was awarded a prize that was recognized by the upper echelons of society and was currently the talk of the town.

Everyone was paying attention to her.

Some of the guests also talked about her award. They praised Qiao Weimin for being great at raising children, because not only was Qiao Chen pretty, she was talented as well.

Very quickly.

The person Qiao Chen mentioned to He Yujuan, who could match up to Jiang Li, arrived.

A huge red van stopped in front of Waterside Loft.

Impatient by now, the reporters’ eyes lit up when they saw the vehicle.

Someone asked, “Doesn’t this van belong to Lan Lan?”

“I believe so. I don’t think I’m seeing things.”

“The Qiao Family managed to invite Lan Lan?”

The reporters were going wild.

They immediately pointed their camera at the entrance.

The other Class B students heard it as well. Xu Xu couldn’t hide her excitement as she asked softly, “They mentioned Lan Lan. Could it be the same Lan Lan that acted in ‘Country Yan’?”

“Are you talking about the actress?”

“Yup.” Xu Xu asked Qiao Chen, “Chen Chen, did your family invite Lan Lan for your birthday celebration?”

So what if Qiao Nian’s brother was a celebrity? They were talking about Lan Lan, the queen of cinema!

Someone got off the huge van.

Wearing a gown and with flawless make-up on, her figure was perfect as well. The reporters started to take photos of her.

Who else could be it but Lan Lan?

“It’s really Lan Lan. Quick, take photos!”

The reporters reacted quickly and pointed their cameras at Lan Lan.

Qiao Chen quickly walked up to her and greeted her. “Sister Lan Lan.”

She contacted Lan Lan after meeting Qiao Nian that day because she was worried that Qiao Nian would steal her thunder today using Jiang Li.

She knew Lan Lan from a meal. Cheng Feng Corporation invested in the movie, Country Yan, which Lan Lan acted in. Since the Qiao Corporation was close to Cheng Feng Corporation, she managed to add Lan Lan’s Wechat relatively easily.

“Miss Qiao, happy birthday.” Lan Lan passed her a gift. It was a bag from abroad.

Qiao Chen recognized the bag. It was from the same brand as her Mom’s. It cost at least hundreds of thousands of yuan.

Her eyes lit up, but she pouted her lips and thanked her politely. “Thank you, Sister Lan Lan.”

“I should be the one thanking you guys.”

The upper echelons of Rao City knew that Cheng Feng Corporation wasn’t interested in working with the Qiao Corporation anymore.

But Lan Lan wasn’t involved in the business. Furthermore, she hadn’t been to the country because she was participating in a show. She had just returned and didn’t know what happened.

She thought she was establishing good connections.

That’s why she was so generous.

She even posed for a few photos with Qiao Chen for the reporters.

“Where’s the sister who chose the same place as you to celebrate her birthday?” Lan Lan remembered her messages and asked softly.

Qiao Chen glanced in Qiao Nian’s direction and acted magnanimously as she explained gently, “I’m not saying she did it on purpose, but my parents have put in a ton of effort for my birthday party. I don’t want their efforts to go to waste…”

She was so gentle and kind.

I didn’t do it on purpose, it’s because someone is trying to sabotage my birthday party!

Lan Lan wasn’t convinced. She felt that she was more fake than some of the stars in the show biz. However, she continued smiling to show she understood her feelings. They continued to speak for a while.

Soon, three cars arrived at the Waterside Loft.

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