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Chapter 236: Qiao Nian, the Person You’re Waiting for Isn’t Here Yet?

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It was all Qiao Nian’s fault for angering her!

The Jiang family had been so firm in their stance regarding Zhao Jingwei’s matter and did not give her any face at all. How could she take it lying down!

Weren’t they fighting over Qiao Nian?

She was going to embarrass them.

She looked towards Qiao Chen without looking into her eyes directly, and said, “Happy birthday, Chen Chen. You’re getting even prettier now.”

Qiao Chen lowered her gaze in embarrassment as she soaked in this enviable moment.

Tang Wei then said, “Oh right, I brought another friend along. He took a look at your winning piece and liked it a lot.”

Qiao Chen had heard He Yujuan mention it, and now she looked over curiously.

She saw another person alighting from the car Tang Wei had come in. His hair was gold, his eyes were blue, and he was almost 1.90 meters in eye-catching height.

He was a foreigner.

Xu Xu looked at that man carefully and then exclaimed, “Gosh, that’s Steven! Steven’s here to attend Chen Chen’s birthday party!”


He was the Thomas of the piano world and was practically an idol to anyone who played the piano.


Even Madam Fu’s expression lit up when she saw that Tang Wei had brought Steven along. Her gaze softened.

Compared to all that was happening at Waterside Loft’s entrance…

It was much quieter on Qiao Nian’s side.

Shen Qingqing heard the exclamations of shock and surprise and saw Qiao Chen at the center of attention.

She couldn’t help but feel upset about it.

She couldn’t help feeling it was too quiet on their end.

Liang Bowen’s family was doing well and he was a rich second-generation heir. His social circle was different from theirs. A lot of people whom they never knew about were on talking terms with him.

Hence, they knew that the people who attended Qiao Chen’s party were all pretty well-known.

“Sister Nian, the person we’re waiting for isn’t here yet?” He started to look a little worried as he tried not to turn towards the crowd and commotion. But he couldn’t help but ask her.

That old woman was so evil and bent on making a fool out of them.

How could Sister Nian not be anxious at all!

Qiao Nian was replying to Ye Qichen on her cell phone. Glancing at her watch and then looking up with her pretty eyes, she said casually, “Soon.”

Liang Bowen was speechless.

How soon was soon?

A few minutes, or a few seconds?

And who exactly did Sister Nian invite, anyway!

Sister Nian’s brother Jiang Li was indeed a top-tier guest, and her father was an intellect. But compared to the people Qiao Chen invited, they weren’t that impressive.

They had celebrities as well.

And also the high society people like Madam Fu and Tang Wei, to elevate things on their side.

Now, even Steven had come.

In all honesty, they were starting to feel that they might lose today.

“Sister Nian, who exactly did you invite? If it isn’t working out, let’s wait inside instead.”

Qiao Chen was outside, and so were they. The comparison was a lot more obvious…

It was alright if there was no comparison. But once there was, Sister Nian’s loss would be evidenced.

“The people Qiao Chen invited are impressive? The situation is bad?”

Liang Bowen said, “Mm, it doesn’t seem too good.”

Shen Qingqing felt a little down when she heard that. Anxious, she wished she knew a few big shots she could invite to Qiao Nian’s birthday party.

She turned to Qiao Nian and waited for her to decide.

At this point, Qiao Chen turned to look at them and asked, “Qiao Nian, didn’t you say you were waiting for someone? I see you’ve been waiting for so long, but no one’s here yet. Is that person coming or not?”

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