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Chapter 212: Buying the Hot Search to Purify Her Image

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Zhao Jingwei was sentenced sooner than everyone expected.

It took only one week from the investigation to the final sentencing. The official sentence was sent to Mother Zhao’s hospital ward within the week.

Zhao Jingwei was charged with causing danger to the public and attempted murder. As she had only just reached 18 years of age and did not actually cause any harm, the court sentenced her to 10 years of imprisonment.

The sentence seemed reasonable, neither too light nor too heavy. But anyone who knew the law would understand that it was actually more than likely for the sentence to be reduced to a three- or five-year imprisonment in cases such as this where the defendant was willing to admit to it. But the 10-year sentence that was finalized really came as a slap to the netizens who tried to sway the court with their online debates.

Apparently, Tang Wei had been sent to the hospital the moment the sentence was passed. She had passed out from the stress.

Another hot topic was also from First High School, but it had nothing to do with this malicious case.

Instead, it was about Qiao Chen receiving a prestigious award in the piano arena—a second-place prize!

It was said that the judges had even gotten into a major conflict over the ranking of the top two awardees. The piano teachers had split into two factions—one felt that Qiao Chen’s piece was evidently better, while the other felt like the eventual first place winner’s piece sounded better for a performance.

After an intense debate, Qiao Chen ended up in second place.

Because of the hoo-ha that happened over this, the value of her second place was inflated too. She became somewhat famous in the arena.

Qiao Chen was an opportunist. Immediately taking advantage of the situation, she took to the Internet to purify her terrible image from before.

She personally went onto social media to make things clear. Qiao Chen: [Excuse me, everyone. I’m here to make some clarifications. There has been a lot of talk about me recently, and I have some things I have to say for the sake of the fans who have been helping me. I have never deliberately manipulated or threatened anyone. I just happened to update my Weibo post that day as my boyfriend had given me a gift I wanted for a long time. That’s why I shared my feelings, it wasn’t to hurt anyone. Secondly, I’m Jiang Li’s fan. On the show, I was just like a little fan who was excited to meet her idol. Perhaps I was a little agitated back then and disturbed some of you. I’m very sorry about that. Life is good, I hope everyone’s heart is full of sunshine and would embrace it. Wishing you well~ (*^__^*)!]

The moment she refreshed the page, a whole flood of comments appeared beneath her post—

Xue Bi loves Qi Xi: [Seeing and embracing the sunshine. Congratulations on your award.]

Rider on a motorbike: [Damn, have those people had enough? They keep going on about how Qiao Chen is throwing herself at their husbands. Please, can those accusers grow a brain? She’s rich and beautiful herself, would she need to throw herself at their brother or husband?]

Mantou Monster: [Congrats! It’s back where it belongs.]

Qing Chen: [I don’t understand what those female fans are thinking. They’re just shoving all sorts of crap at others. Everyone can tell that it was Jiang Li who wasn’t being a gentleman. He wanted to lead his cousin into controlling others.]

Actress Anytime: [Ahahaha, let me bet a spicy rice cake and say that Qiao Nian will join the entertainment circle soon enough!]

Every once in a while, a comment or two would target Qiao Chen for acting nice and innocent once again. But such comments were soon deleted.

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