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Chapter 211: Qiao Chen Won an Award

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Were they not unlucky enough?

Cheng Feng Corporation didn’t want to work with them all of a sudden. They had cooperated with a few other firms before, but all of them were withdrawing after Cheng Feng Corporation did so. The company’s financial sources were running dry!

Seeing that Qiao Weimin and Shen Qiongzhi had gone quiet, she waved Qiao Chen over. “Come over to Grandma.”

Qiao Chen obediently walked over.

He Yujuan’s eyes were full of pride the moment she saw her. She held Qiao Chen’s hand and smiled. “Remember the song you submitted to the Piano Association previously?”

She had submitted a song to the Piano Association? Qiao Chen was stunned for a moment, but she vaguely remembered doing that.

Before Qiao Nian left the previous year—before Qiao Chen knew Qiao Nian wasn’t a real Qiao descendant—both of them had been on good terms. Qiao Nian seemed cold on the outside but was a nice and tolerant person.

Anything that Qiao Chen wanted, Qiao Nian would usually help her achieve it if Qiao Chen acted coquettishly.

For instance, Qiao Nian helped her predict test questions.

And she also worked on her song for her.

Back then, she had seen that the Piano Association was about to hold a competition. She wanted to get it to secure her Talented School Belle title in First High School.

But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t come up with a good melody.

She went to Qiao Nian one day.

She had wanted to show off her “luxury of frustrations” to Qiao Nian. But who knew, with her complaints and whines, Qiao Nian handed her a completed song the next day and got her to submit it for the competition.

She played the song before and found it unique but hard to interpret. But at that time, she didn’t have a better idea and hence submitted that copy to the Piano Association.


Qiao Chen’s eyes lit up as she grabbed He Yujuan’s hand eagerly. “That song was shortlisted?”

Because of the program in which she was associated with Jiang Li, she had been criticized very badly by netizens and fan groups online.

There were even posts on the forum asking for their School Belle to be reselected.

How could she possibly allow her School Belle title to be taken by someone else?

If she got shortlisted for this prestigious award, the situation would become different.

Qiao Nian was more beautiful than her and had a superstar cousin. But all of those were superficial aspects. Were they any good in comparison to actual talent?


As she guessed, He Yujuan’s face swelled with pride.

“Grandma Tang told me that your song didn’t just get shortlisted. It came in second!”


This wasn’t an ordinary award.

It was a prestigious award on a national scale.

With this award, Qiao Chen could secure a place in the high society in the future.

How could she not be happy?

“Grandma just knew you were a talent. Don’t be like your Mom and Dad who don’t have foresight. They’re always looking at the people beneath them. Who cares about Qiao Nian? No matter how good she is, it’s only because of her teacher father and actor cousin. You’re truly rich, smart, and beautiful. If you continue comparing yourself to her, how are you going to further your career and life in Beijing in the future? How are you going to be a true member of high society?”

Upon hearing her words, all of Qiao Chen’s troubles dispersed. She completely forgot about what had taken place in the hospital that afternoon and was just full of joy. She leaned against her grandma obediently and sweetly and nodded.


There hadn’t been a joyous occasion or news at home in a long while. The Qiao Family was more than happy to have heard of this. He Yujuan thought for a bit and then said, “We’ve been unlucky for so long. Now that Chen Chen has won an award, and it’s her birthday in a few days, let’s do this—we’ll reserve a table and hold a proper celebration to rid our family of the bad luck. At the same time, we can show the outsiders that our Qiao Family is still doing well!”

Qiao Weimin hadn’t expected Qiao Chen to have won an award. He was delighted and agreed to that arrangement without thinking twice. “Alright, let’s hold it at the Waterside Loft! I’ll get someone to secure a table for us.”

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