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Chapter 213: The Qiao Family Was Planning Something Big

With the help of Qiao Chen’s fans and the netizens she bribed, public opinion started to sway in her favor.

Jiang Li was a top-rated celebrity, after all, and his fans were loyal. What Qiao Chen did only changed her reputation for the better, it didn’t affect Jiang Li at all.

However, Qiao Nian was caught in the crossfire as people started to insult her.

Some of the netizens were led on and started to attack her as they wanted to be famous.

In Rao City’s First High School.

Liang Bowen and Shen Qingqing told Qiao Nian about how Qiao Chen was gaining popularity on the internet as they went back to class from the convenience store.

Qiao Nian walked casually with a piece of bread in her mouth and listened to them as she ate it.

“Qiao Chen’s so scheming. She used to hang out with Zhao Jingwei every day, as though they were best friends. Now that she was convicted of the crime, she hasn’t visited her once. She even paid money to promote herself on the internet. She’s utterly disgusting!”

“Yes, she’s disgusting indeed.” Even Liang Bowen couldn’t help but agree with her.

Qiao Nian raised her brow. She didn’t rest well yesterday and had to get up early for school today. Hence, she was drowsy and having a headache. She felt more drowsy as they complained to her. She took a bite of the bread and asked nonchalantly, “But she’s been that kind of person all along, right?”

She always wanted to improve her situation and would never give up.

That was the real Qiao Chen.

Even though she might look innocent on the outside, she was secretly a scheming person.

If you trust her because of her looks, you were an idiot!

Shen Qingqing didn’t know how to reply because she was right. She then grumbled after a while. “Now that Qiao Chen was awarded a prize, the students from Class B will boast about it again. I heard she will be celebrating her birthday at the Waterside Loft in a couple of days. She invited some of her classmates as well, and those people are boasting they will be experiencing upper-class life soon. She even invited some of the rich and powerful in Rao City… It’s annoying!”

Liang Bowen also heard about the celebration the Qiao Family was planning for Qiao Chen. He scoffed. “Don’t worry, I don’t think the upper echelon of Rao City will go for the party, just some entrepreneurs.”

The Qiao Family was going through some issues. Hence, those people might not want to be too closely associated with them.

However, the award Qiao Chen received this time was reputable. She was together with Fu Ge as well, so there was still a possibility that she might be successful in the future.

Maybe that’s why some people might agree to attend the celebration because of it.

He looked sadly at Qiao Nian and sighed.

He thought about the question he asked himself a thousand times. Why couldn’t Sister Nian be from a powerful family!

The only reason Qiao Chen was able to achieve success was that she was from a powerful family. Not many families could afford to send their children for piano lessons.

All Sister Nian needed was a chance!

As he thought about it, some students from Class B surrounded Qiao Chen as they walked towards them.

Shen Qingqing saw them. She behaved as though a fight was about to take place and whispered to Qiao Nian, “Qiao Chen’s here.”

Qiao Nian wasn’t affected and remained calm. She continued to eat her bread. She gave off a cold expression with her fair and pretty face. It was as though she didn’t care that Qiao Chen was getting popular again.

Qiao Chen also saw Qiao Nian eating a piece of bread while looking fierce.

She turned pale and stopped. Frowning, she said to everyone, “I just remembered I forgot something in the classroom. I won’t be going to the convenience store, you guys can go on without me.”

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