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Chapter 210: Which Big Shots Could She Possibly Know

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Before she managed to get a good look, Qiao Chen evaded her and hid her swollen face. “I-It’s nothing. I fell and grazed my knees.”

With that, she quickly changed the topic for fear that Shen Qiongzhi would probe further. “Oh right, Mom, I heard you talking about Jingwei’s sentence when I came back. What’s going on?”

As expected, Shen Qiongzhi’s focus was shifted. She furrowed her brows and said frustratedly, “I’ve got no idea what Qiao Nian is doing behind our backs. The police initially said with some ambiguity that she was just bullying someone else. But now they’ve changed their saying and insisted that Zhao Jingwei was causing deliberate harm to someone else, and that would put her in jail for a few years.”

Qiao Weimin said hypocritically, “Alright, stop saying it’s Nian Nian all the time. She’s just a high school girl, how could she manipulate the police? It’s all Zhao Jingwei’s own fault. If she hadn’t hurt someone else, would she have ended up in this state?”

“It’s definitely Qiao Nian’s doing. Didn’t Mom tell us the other day? Aunt Tang said that the Chief of Police has been dragged into the picture too, and the superiors are investigating now. This Qiao Nian is really such a jinx, anyone who knows her is affected by her bad luck!”

She clenched her jaw and cursed. “Look at us and Chen Chen’s classmate. We’re all in trouble only after coming into contact with her. She’s just a jinx through and through, you’d better stay away from her!”

Qiao Weimin kept in mind that he had to rely on Qiao Nian to be on good terms with Cheng Feng Corporation and told her off unhappily, “You’re just an ignorant woman who hasn’t seen the world, what do you know!”

“You think I don’t know what you’re plotting? You’re thinking that she knows Chairman Yuan of Cheng Feng Corporation. But just think about it. She’s lived with us for over 10 years. If she really does know a big shot like that, wouldn’t we have known?”

Shen Qiongzhi hit the nail on the head. He had been so anxious and odd recently because of this.

He did see Qiao Nian exit Cheng Feng Corporation with his own eyes. But she grew up in the Qiao family. Besides being pretty, she was otherwise ordinary. If she did know Yuan Yongqin, how could she have let herself be chased out by the other women in the family just like that?

At the end of the day, it was simply that she did not have any value in their eyes. Her staying in the family would only be trouble to Qiao Chen.

Moreover, his wife and mother didn’t like her… Qiao Weimin took a deep breath and knitted his brows together. Troubled, he thought back about his failed advances on Qiao Nian at school this afternoon. He suddenly turned to look at Qiao Chen and asked suspiciously, “Chen Chen, did you do anything to offend Nian Nian? I saw her pick up a call this afternoon. She then told me that if she found out you were behind it, she wouldn’t let you off. What exactly did you do?”

Qiao Chen’s heart pounded wildly and almost jumped out of her chest, and her oval face got paler and more sickly-looking. She didn’t sound the least bit convincing as she said, “I-I didn’t do anything.”

“Then why would she say such strange things to me?” Qiao Weimin didn’t believe her.

Meanwhile, Shen Qiongzhi erupted the moment she heard Qiao Nian’s name again. She growled at him. “You believe everything she says?! Chen Chen is your daughter, not her. You’ve just raised her for a few years, are you treating her as your own now?”

“I didn’t mean that…”

Shen Qiongzhi went on, “In any case, I won’t allow you to talk about Chen Chen and her in the same phrase.”

Qiao Weimin had been busy at the office recently and was already frustrated as he was. His brows were tightly-knit together as he fumed.

Fortunately, He Yujuan, who had remained silent all this while, finally said something. “Enough. You’re fighting at home every day, and what for? All our good fortune is gone from all this fighting.”

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