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Chapter 209: What Happened to Your Face, You Look Like You Were Beaten Up

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She reluctantly gave the cab driver the fare and headed home as he sized her up.

“Dad, Mom, Grandma, I’m home.” Not in good spirits, Qiao Chen changed out of her shoes and walked in tiredly.

The atmosphere at home had been heavy these days.

“I heard that Zhao Jingwei is about to be sentenced.”

Qiao Chen saw her parents’ usual disappointed expressions the moment she entered, and that made her feel even worse.

Qiao Nian was such a jinx!


If only she’d just gone to Luohe County, but no, she’d chosen to stay in Rao City. Ever since she left their family, they seemed to have been cursed by her. Every day was terrible.

Shen Qiongzhi quickly got up when she saw that Qiao Chen was home. She got the housemaid to help her carry her stuff while forcing a smile. “Chen Chen, you’re back. Was it tiring in school today? You’re back only now, were you out having dinner with Fu Ge?”

Qiao Chen stammered while avoiding her eyes. “… I’m not tired… Mm, we had dinner.”

“So, Fu Ge sent you back?” Shen Qiongzhi’s smile finally turned genuine. She felt relieved deep down. No matter the family situation, as long as Qiao Chen was still with Fu Ge, she wouldn’t have to worry about her daughter’s future.

Qiao Chen felt as if she had been stabbed in the heart, and by her own mother at that. She bit her lip and tried to save herself from embarrassment. “…Mm.”

Anyone who listened closely would be able to tell that her response was unconvincing. Even her eyes were shifting.

But Shen Qiongzhi had been depending on this one matter for security for the past whole month and did not sense anything different about Qiao Chen’s mood.

She even teased her. “Since he’s already sent you back, how could you not have called Fu Ge to come in and have a seat? Mom could pare some fruits for him and the both of you can talk for a bit more.”

Qiao Chen felt bad now and quickly cut her off. “Mom, he’s busy. Another day.”

Shen Qiongzhi knew that the Fu family was different from theirs. The Fu family was such an important household in Rao City and Fu Ge was such a young, handsome talent. He had so much expected of him, so this was no surprise.

She didn’t harp on this and instead, casually said, “That’s true. Ask him out when he’s free, then. Get him to come over and have a meal with us, I’ll prepare his favorite dishes for him. Let your father and him have a good talk over some tea.”

Although Qiao Weimin was upset at how the Fu family was leaving the Qiao Corporation in the lurch, he was still very satisfied with Fu Ge as a son-in-law.

Moreover, he knew that Fu Ge couldn’t call the shots in the Fu family yet.


But Fu Ge was the most outstanding child among his cousins in the Fu family, and also a high-achieving student in Qing University. The Fu family’s power would be handed to him someday. If Qiao Chen married him in the future, there were only benefits to be reaped.

Hence, he added as Shen Qiongzhi tried to teach her daughter the ropes, “Your mom is right. Fu Ge has been back for so long, but you haven’t even invited him over for a meal yet. You’ve got to be more caring as a girlfriend. Don’t just go with the flow without showing much concern. No matter how much a guy loves you, his heart would still go cold if you go on being like that.

“Moreover, Fu Ge respects you and hasn’t spent the night with you since you’re still young. This makes it even more plausible for others to come between you. He’s such a fine young man, you’d better do what’s right for yourself.”

Qiao Chen felt her face go red and covered her cheeks with her hands. She raised her voice at her dad as her eyes were filled with shame and frustration. “Dad, what are you saying!”

Shen Qiongzhi suddenly noticed her slightly swollen face. “Wait a minute, Chen Chen, what happened to your face and knees?”

Her knees were wrapped in a bandage.

And she appeared to have been beaten on the face?

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