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Chapter 174: Owing Him Another Favor

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#First High School’s steel rod incident

#Liang Heng should apologize

#What a good life

#Qiao Nian video

Qiao Nian’s fingers stopped moving.

Her eyes gleamed as she looked at her laptop, and she began looking for the video they were talking about.

She knew what was going on once she saw it.

Someone uploaded surveillance footage of Zhao Jingwei sneaking to the roof to cut off the cable suspending the steel pipe.

The video uploaded was also edited for lighting and exposure. It made Zhao Jingwei’s distorted and smug expression when she cut the cable all the clearer!

In fact, the video also showed the pipe falling from six stories high and almost landing on Shen Qingqing.

The steel pipe left an obvious, huge depression in the mud upon landing on the ground in the video.

It showed just how serious the situation could have been.

[Damn. Thankfully, I wasn’t on her side. This video is terrifying, no wonder the other party wanted to call the police. Thankfully, she was lucky enough to escape it. Otherwise, it would’ve been a murder!]

[I can’t believe there’s such a video. It’s going around so quickly. I guess this evidence is concrete enough! If she still isn’t sentenced after this, I won’t be able to take it.]

[So, we’ve wrongly accused that Qiao Nian. No wonder Jiang Li was so angry when he said that he would rather leave the entertainment industry than have his sister apologize! Nobody in the right mind would be willing to apologize for something like this.]

[How dare her mother attempt suicide. She even made her daughter sound like such an innocent victim when she was interviewed at the hospital.]

[Perhaps it’s this sort of parents who have been spoiling their children too much. That’s why this girl has such a twisted mind at this age.]

[I saw a post on the First High School forum. It said that the Form Teacher of Class B resigned because she was the one who started discriminating against other students. From the beginning, she’d insisted Qiao Nian had pulled strings to get into the school. Then, when Qiao Nian topped the school during the examinations, this teacher left because she was too embarrassed. This has nothing to do with Qiao Nian at all.]

She didn’t see any of these comments.

Her gaze was fixated on the two remaining videos.

The three videos were posted exactly one hour apart from the previous one. Someone had obviously planned for this.

Besides the video of Zhao Jingwei cutting the cable, she saw the other two videos.

One was blurry surveillance footage from near the bridge. It captured her jumping into the river to save someone.

The other one was actually of her carrying out the surgery for Uncle Chen in the hospital!

She knew that the hospital operating theaters usually had a surveillance camera to record the operation process.

The footage could prove that doctors had carried out the procedure properly and that they did not make any mistakes.

This could be evidence for when conflicts arose in the hospital.

But she hadn’t expected to see these two videos online.

She saw that the hospital video hadn’t been uploaded too long ago, but people were already speaking up for her in the comments.

[Jiang Li’s sister is such a goddess. I’m becoming her fan after watching all these videos. She looks so suave and cool saving someone in that surgery gown. I can’t describe this aura she gives off!]

[I just have a question, is she 18 yet?]

[When a girl is this suave, does she need a guy?]

[Me too!!! Fan +1]

Qiao Nian’s last ounce of doubt had dispersed.

This style.

This way of slapping shameless people in the face.

This sort of character disputing every detail.

She couldn’t think of anyone else besides him.

She sat on her chair cross-legged and felt her heart go a little warm as it got a little heavy.

The little one had given her an encouraging heart, and this other person had already settled all the conflicts for her.

So, she owed him another favor now?


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