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Chapter 173: Qiao Nian, Who Knew Your Network Was This Wide

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Qiao Nian kept the heart-shaped note and went upstairs.

She unfolded along the creases pressed down in a childlike manner.

A huge heart was drawn on the pink paper sheet.

The child’s kiddy handwriting was strewn across the sheet. It said: [Uncle Jiang Li, Uncle Gu San, and Uncle love Sister the most. Sister, don’t listen to what all the bad guys are saying. Listen to me and Uncle, we’re with you every day and know the real you best. Uncle and I think that Sister is the prettiest and cutest. You’re the best, best person in the whole wide world! (* ̄3)(ε ̄*)]


The little one’s wrist wasn’t so strong yet, so the words he scribbled were almost like the scratch marks of a chicken’s claw. But for some reason, Qiao Nian felt really warm.

She folded the letter back neatly into its original heart shape and then placed it carefully between the pages of her journal.

When she was done, she pulled her chair out and sat in a strange posture, then reached for the laptop in her bag.


She hadn’t really cared what people were saying about her online.

But now she seemed to care about it a little.

Qiao Nian turned on her laptop.

Her fair fingers danced around the keyboard and quickly activated the red-colored chatting app.

She’d wanted to get the Red Alliance to blacklist and block certain words and phrases online.

But the moment she logged in, she received Wei Lou’s message.

Wei Lou Hundred Feet Tall: [Qiao Nian, you’re not bad. You’re acting pretty fast I see. It seems like the police and the Tang family are going to be defeated by you.]

QN: [Acting pretty fast?] Qiao Nian’s brows furrowed.


Wei Lou’s reply was so quick, it was almost as if he was a ghost. She suspected that he had been spending his entire day in front of his laptop playing online games.

Wei Lou Hundred Feet Tall: [Girl, you’re still feigning ignorance here. The Tang family is already getting confused.]

Another message came in.

Wei Lou Hundred Feet Tall: [He’s the person you were talking about the last time! No wonder you were so confident. Did you help him before, so he owes you a favor now? Not bad at all. I was worried you wouldn’t be able to handle it alone and was planning to stand up for you. Who knew your network was this wide and that you know even him.]

Qiao Nian didn’t reply to him immediately.

This person’s CV quickly appeared on her laptop screen.

She took a deep breath, and an image of someone’s face appeared.

It was Ye Wangchuan!

Qiao Nian rested her hand on the laptop before her, her fingers slightly bent as she rested her back against the chair. She was getting increasingly puzzled.

Was this considered a type of friend too?

Wasn’t he being too nice to a friend?

And some fool was still thinking that this had something to do with her and even sent her a message.

Wei Lou Hundred Feet Tall: [Oh right, your videos aren’t too bad. The discussion topics online changed once those three videos were uploaded. The Tang family pitted themselves against you so strongly. Well, now they’ve hit a curb!]

There were videos?

Qiao Nian’s fingers worked on the keyboard quickly.

The top search topics had already changed.

Just a while ago, the hot topics were still about banishing her.

But now, the top search was—

#Qiao Nian rescuing someone#

#Love myself a goddess-like girl#

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