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Chapter 175: Sister Nian’s Fallen Sockpuppet

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The atmosphere in the Qiao Family was exceptionally heavy.

Qiao Chen had bawled her eyes out the moment she got home and was still wiping her red and teary eyes.

He Yujuan and Shen Qiongzhi had nothing better to say but “This can’t be true, it’s definitely an edited video.”

Besides these, they had no other words.

Qiao Weimin looked like a mess. He was unshaven and his eyes were bloodshot from the lack of sleep all these nights. He cupped his head in his hands and was in a terrible mood.

He yelled at the two noisy women at home.


“We’re already in trouble over here, and you’re still making noise. What’s the point of making so much noise, does it solve the problem?”

He had planned to go further in his career, given that he’d been doing well. He wanted to improve his status and position with the help of the Fu family.

But this was all ruined.

Ever since the two women forced his adoptive daughter away, everything had been terrible for him.


Qiao Weimin’s eyes were red and tired now as he glared at the three women at home. Not suppressing his fury anymore, he blamed them. “You people still have the cheek to make this much noise at home. What did I say back then? I told you that even though Qiao Nian isn’t our biological child, we have raised her for over 10 years no matter what. We aren’t related by blood, but we do have some form of kinship. It’s a good thing that she went to look for her biological parents, but we didn’t have to make things so ugly. If we parted on good terms, we would still have something to count on if she makes it big in the future.

“And what did you tell me? You said that her parents were just poor blokes from Luohe County. If we didn’t cut off all contact with her, she might bring her entire family here to ask us for help in the future. But what did it turn out to be? Was her dad a poor teacher from Luohe County? He’s a Qing University professor!

“And her cousin is a superstar. Do you know how much a superstar makes in a year? With that status, he could get in touch with so many people we can’t!

“If you had listened to me back then and nicely given Nian Nian that sum of money when she left, we would have parted on good terms. Would we be the laughing stock we are now? Didn’t you say the professor from Qing University came for Fu Ge? Well, he’s Nian Nian’s biological father!”

Qiao Chen’s eyes were red, and she bit her lip in agony. She rebuked, “Dad, how can you blame Fu Ge for this? Who knew that Qiao Nian’s father was a professor from Qing University? Fu Ge had gotten an award from school, so we all thought the professor came for him. Didn’t you think that way too? Weren’t you praising your son-in-law everywhere you went?”

Qiao Weimin lost his composure and all manners. He practically spat as he said, “You’re only an 18-year-old girl. You don’t even know if you’ll be married in the future, and you’re already claiming he’s my son-in-law. Who taught you to be this shameless? You’re going to be a laughing stock if word gets out!”

Qiao Chen had never been scolded this brutally by her dad before.

She covered her face and tears rolled down her face.

Shen Qiongzhi felt bad for her daughter and quickly hugged her. She then looked up in anger at the infuriated man. “Why are you yelling at our daughter! Fu Ge and Chen Chen have such a stable relationship. They’ll surely get married in the future. She didn’t say anything wrong.”

“Ha, you can continue daydreaming.” Qiao Weimin could feel the heat up his head and did not want to explain further, seeing that his wife and daughter were still in such a silly daze.

The Fu family had been progressing so smoothly over the past few years. Even if they hadn’t looked down on Chen Chen before, how could they not despise her now, given that the family’s relationship with their greatest backing, Cheng Feng Corporation, was in ruins?

For all they knew, this might just fall through eventually!

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