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Chapter 169: It’s a Small Matter

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“You’re not a big fan of sweet drinks.” Ye Wangchuan got on and put a cap on her head to cover up her pretty face. He then leaned back on his chair, smiled, and said, “I could tell that you didn’t like orange juice, so I got you a cup of ice lemon water.”

Qiao Nian was speechless.

How could he tell that she didn’t like orange juice when no one else could?

Could it be because she didn’t drink the freshly-squeezed orange juice he brought her yesterday night?

He was really observant!

Qiao Nian turned and observed him. He had a sharp nose, thin lips, and was really good-looking.


She blinked and looked away.

She then sipped on the ice lemon water.

It was just right. Sweet and cold. Her favorite.


“I’ve called Jiang Li for you and scolded him,” Ye Wangchuan said in an annoyed manner as he drove.

“But he’s really dumb and did something worse.”

“Are you referring to his reply that he would quit the show biz if they wanted to make me apologize?” Qiao Nian pouted and continued, “Yup, that’s really dumb.”

The reason why people become haters on the internet was that they couldn’t find an avenue to release their unhappiness.


If Jiang Li didn’t reply to them, it wouldn’t be much of an issue. Now that he replied, they were going to pounce on him like sharks smelling blood.

Ye Wangchuan looked at her and saw that she was calmly drinking the drink he got for her.

He smiled uncontrollably. He seemed to always be in a good mood when he was with her.

He then continued with his lower voice, sounding calming and seductive, “Nothing to worry about, I will take care of it.”

Qiao Nian continued to sip on the drink. She realized that there was aloe vera in the drink as well. It wasn’t sweet and had a refreshing taste.

She then lowered the cap and replied to him calmly, “I’m not worried at all.

“It’s a small matter.”

It was just that she didn’t expect Jiang Li to get himself involved in this mess.

Hence, even though she felt that he was stupid to do so, she felt touched.

It felt as though she had a shield to protect herself now.

In the past, she would only have a spear to push through any obstacles in life. Now that she had a shield, she wasn’t keen to utilize them.

Qiao Nian continued to sip on the drink. It was really nice. She then continued nonchalantly, “I have nothing to worry about because I did nothing wrong.”

Ye Wangchuan couldn’t believe that she was involved in this entire saga, judging by how calm she was.

But when he thought about it.

She had his protection.

He wouldn’t let her be caught up in this mess!

In the garden in the Tang family home.

The roses were blooming. They had recently renovated the place. It was mid-September and the fragrance of flowers could be smelled in the gentle breeze.

The Tang Matriarch was chatting with her friends while having tea.

“Young Master Tang, you can’t go there.”

She looked up and saw her grandson walking towards her. She knew he was here for Qiao Nian. A cold look formed in her eyes as the smile disappeared from her face.

She gently lowered her cup of tea and then waited for Tang Qi to arrive.

“Grandma!” Tang Qi felt a bit awkward when he realized she wasn’t alone in the garden. But he was too anxious and pouted. He then tried to calm himself to talk to her.

“You must have asked Uncle Liang to respond to her.”

“It was the girl’s fault all along. She wanted to cause harm to others, and it’s normal for the police to be involved. How could…”

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