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Chapter 168: Picking Her Up From School

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Jiang Li’s original intention was that he didn’t want Qiao Chen to ride on his popularity any further by claiming that she was his sister.

But he never expected such an uproar.

He just wanted to help Qiao Nian, yet it seemed like he was harming her instead.

He had a strong sense of guilt, and he felt horrible. The feeling of remorse left him breathless.

He tightened his grip on his phone.

With a harsh expression, he logged onto his own account and posted.

Jiang Li V: [Do you guys know what really happened? Have you really interacted with her? Do you even know her? Why are you guys accusing her? To those that want me to apologize, I’ll be upfront and say: Hell no. My sister isn’t in the wrong and I won’t make her apologize as well. She’ll always have my support. If you want my sister to apologize, I’ll be leaving the show biz!]

The manager was speechless.

The assistant was speechless.

It was like their world was ending.

They were devastated.

My dear sir, we understand that you’re rich and the reason why you’re in the show biz is that you want to play around. But for you to announce that you will leave the business to protect your sister… That’s going too far.

Jiang Li protected his sister and announced that he would rather retire from the show biz than apologize.

It caused an even bigger uproar.

When school ended, many students from First High School were looking at Qiao Nian.

Shen Qingqing and the rest of Class A were walking next to her to protect her.

She ranted angrily. “Sister Nian, these guys are ridiculous! Zhao Jingwei was the one who wanted to cause harm but failed. Why are we the ones bullying her now?

“Is it because she’s from a single-parent family? Or is it because her mom became suicidal over this? Is that why we are at fault?”

Shen Qingqing clenched her fists and said angrily, “What’s worse are the police. They know what really happened. But, when the reporters interviewed him, the chief of police refused to give a clear statement. That’s essentially admitting that you pressured the police to bully Zhao Jingwei!”

“Sister Nian, we should go look for the police. I was involved as well, I can be your witness.” Liang Bowen understood what really happened. He stopped her and said, “Things aren’t as simple as you think.”

Judging from the police’s actions, someone was obviously plotting against Qiao Nian.

But they couldn’t tell who it was.

However, Qiao Nian remained calm. She said, “No matter what they do, it won’t change the truth. They can continue their tricks.”

She didn’t say anything else after that.

When she exited the school, she saw that Ye Wangchuan parked the car outside.

He was still wearing the shirt she bought for him, but he was also wearing a black jacket. The dress pants showed off his slender and long legs.


He leaned against the car, biting a stick and looking at his phone.

As he stood there, it felt as though he was under the spotlight.

It attracted everyone’s attention.

Everyone in Class A had seen Ye Wangchuan before. They then gave Qiao Nian a look and said, “Sister Nian, your boyfriend is here to pick you up. We won’t be sending you back then.”

However, Chen Yuan looked thoughtfully at Ye Wangchuan. He kept his hands in his pocket and stayed silent.

Qiao Nian was allergic to the word “boyfriend”. She wanted to explain that Ye Wangchuan wasn’t her boyfriend, but she wasn’t the type of person to explain herself. She bid them farewell and walked to the opposite side of the road.

Gu San wasn’t driving this time.

Ye Wangchuan drove here by himself.

Qiao Nian got into the car and buckled up.

She then noticed the ice lemon water. Surprised, she picked it up and asked, “Did you get this for me?”

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