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Chapter 170: She Was Waiting for Qiao Nian to Apologize to Her Personally

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Tang Qi frowned. His grandma wasn’t like this in the past. She would teach them to obey the law and never use the family’s connections to commit crimes.

Why would she try to protect Zhao Jingwei even though she knew that the girl was in the wrong?

Why was she even trying to tarnish the victim’s reputation?

There was a cold look on the Tang Matriarch’s as she slammed the cup down, turning the atmosphere gloomy. She questioned, “Are you trying to teach me what to do?”

Tang Qi was puzzled. “I don’t mean it that way. I just…”

“You just like Qiao Nian?”

She exposed his thoughts directly with her sharp tongue.

Even though there were others present.

Tang Qi’s handsome face flushed as he clenched his fists.

He didn’t dare to admit that he fell in love with a girl way younger than him and tried to deny it. “It doesn’t have to do with that. I just find that you are wrong to do so.”

Tang Wei slammed the table and screamed. “You’re not in any position to teach me a lesson!”

The others tried to stop them from arguing.

It wasn’t worth it for just a girl.

“Let me be clear.”

Tang Wei was wearing a modified traditional costume today. Each fiber in her clothes was hand-sewn, and it gave her a classic look. She was also wearing a jade pendant and had an aura around her. When she turned angry, Tang Qi was no match for her.

“I don’t like her. You better give it up!”

Tang Qi’s heart sank. He then tried to fight for it without regard to his own image. “Grandma, this is my personal matter.”

“It’s the Tang family’s matter as well.” The Tang Matriarch snapped. “You were born in this house and we gave you everything you wanted. Your marriage isn’t just about you. That girl has no manners. I’ll never allow her to be married into our family!

“Stop trying to change my mind. I’ll be frank, I will never let it slide if she doesn’t apologize to me.”

Tang Qi couldn’t understand why she was harping on Qiao Nian so much.

But his Grandma had all the say in the Tang family. Hence, even though he wanted to help Qiao Nian, he didn’t know how to go against his grandma.

“I will release Zhao Jingwei. As for the things written about her online, I will consider asking the writers to take down the articles if she apologizes to me,” Tang Wei said slowly and confidently. She had way more experience than her, anyway.

She wasn’t being difficult to her on purpose, either. It was because the Jiang family didn’t know how to educate their children, and she was doing them a favor by doing this.

She was waiting for the defiant Qiao Nian to apologize to her personally!

Just as she was done reprimanding Tang Qi, Tang Guosheng rushed in. Not caring about the others around, he said anxiously, “Mom, something happened.”

Seeing that the two of them had bashed their way into her tea time with her guests, she scoffed. “You’re already so old, and yet you’re just as anxious as your son. What could possibly happen that made you so anxious?”

Tang Guosheng took a deep breath to calm down and then said it with a frown on his face, “I just got the news that the Investigation Bureau is getting involved in the First High School incident.”

“What did you say?” Tang Wei stood up in shock. Immediately knowing that this was no longer a small matter, she asked the guests to leave.

When the guests had left, she then asked her son, “What’s happening? Everything was going well. Why would they suddenly get involved?”

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