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Chapter 167: Oh No, He Committed a Grave Mistake

Jiang Li was shocked as he realized what he had done. He immediately understood what Ye Wangchuan was trying to say.

For people in their social circle, it was a simple matter to settle things. They just had to see who was more capable and influential.

Hence, a lot of conflicts could be resolved before they got out of hand.

However, they had one constraint.

The public’s opinion.

He started to panic. “I didn’t think of this. Master Wang, what should I do?”

The huge van hadn’t driven off yet. The manager and assistant saw the worry on Jiang Li’s face and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Jiang Li ended the call with Ye Wangchuan and angrily checked what was happening on social media.

It was as Master Wang predicted.

The topic was changing.

The post talking about a student from First High School bullying someone was now all across the entire country.

Because he was really popular, he had a lot of fans, but a lot of haters as well.

The amount of praise Qiao Nian received just now.

When the netizens saw the post.

The haters started to rip on her.

#Bully Qiao Nian#

#Jiang Li’s sister is a bully#

#First High School’s steel rod incident#

Those tags were trending immediately, and they were even more popular than the previous ones.

His supporters also tried to defend Qiao Nian.

However, school bullying was a sensitive topic.

It wouldn’t have been such a big issue. However, the public was drawn to the topic where the sister of a popular celebrity bullied a girl from a normal family in school.

Hence, a lot of the netizens joined the haters before they understood what really happened.

[Damn, this Qiao Nian has gone too far. How could she ask the police to lock up the girl? It’s nothing serious, the government should investigate this.]

[Qiao Nian is a student from First High School’s A class. How could they enroll a student like her, are the parents alright with it? I strongly request for her to be expelled!]

[I’m just a casual fan of Jiang Li. I was supporting the two of them during the show because they were really sweet. However, I never thought his sister would be like this. I’ve read that the mother of the bullied girl even tried to take her own life. Thank god, they managed to rescue her in time.]

[I hate bullies. So what if she’s rich with a brother as a celebrity? Does that mean that she can bully people? You’re just a human too!]

Other than those scolding Qiao Nian before understanding what really happened.

Some of them even dug out Qiao Nian’s history.

[Do you guys know that Qiao Nian was initially adopted by Qiao Chen’s family? I’ve heard that her behavior was terrible since young and that her grades were horrible. She didn’t respect her adopted parents and didn’t care about her sister.]

[What, there are such things in real life? Damn, they grew up in the same environment, but one is kind and pretty, yet the other is a school bully. Disgusting!]

[Does Jiang Li know that his sister is this kind of person? Was he lied to?]

The atmosphere in the huge van became gloomy.

His assistant and manager saw that the public’s opinion online was getting out of hand.

“Brother Li, things are getting out of hand.

“You exposed your sister on the show and the netizens found out that your sister is a school bully. The netizens are scolding you and demanding an apology. What should we do?

“Do you want the company to make an official statement?”

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