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1522 What a Coincidence, Sister Qiao Went Back to the Hotel to Rest

“You’re saying Nian…” Yuan Yongqin’s expression changed slightly. She immediately picked up her bag, stood up, and said to everyone, “I’m sorry, I have something on. I won’t be able to accompany everyone today. I’ll leave first.”

Yuan Yongqin was now a popular female newcomer in the country. The people at the dining table couldn’t wait to flatter her. How could they make things difficult for her just because she wanted to leave first?

They immediately exchanged pleasantries.

Yuan Yongqin seemed to be in a hurry and did not exchange too many pleasantries with them. She soon took her things and quickly left the private room with Su Mo.

Seeing that the other party was leaving in a hurry, Jiang Zongnan couldn’t help but think of Qiao Nian.

Nian Nian had a good relationship with Yuan Yongqin.

He frowned, his gaze slightly worried.

Outside the Imperial Mansion’s private room.

Yuan Yongqin quickly walked to a quiet place and immediately stopped. “How’s Nian Nian? Why did she go to Shuangjiang City?”

It had been raining heavily in Shuangjiang City recently. She heard that it was quite dangerous there.

Yuan Yongqin was filled with worry. “What did she tell you on the phone?”

Su Mo looked down and said very respectfully, “Miss Qiao only asked us to send a few helicopters and boats over. It’s best if they’re bigger.”

Cheng Feng Corporation had its own freight line, and it had transportation vehicles all over the country. Naturally, there were also these in Shuangjiang City.

Yuan Yongqin nodded. She took out her cell phone from her handbag and said, “Go and arrange it first. Anything that she’s asked for, transfer them to her as much as possible. I’ll contact someone I know and see if I can get her more.”


Su Mo was a woman of action.

She mainly wanted to inform Yuan Yongqin first. In fact, she had already spoken to the transport department and was just waiting for Yuan Yongqin to say the word.

As soon as Yuan Yongqin gave the order, she immediately went to contact the relevant people.

Three hours later.

The people who had been trapped for two days were basically all safely transferred out.

Because of the weather, the helicopters did not get in in the end.

However, Cheng Feng Corporation’s boats were very useful.

Not only did Yuan Yongqin transfer all the ferries from Cheng Feng Corporation over, but she also got many other boats through her connections.

Many people in Shuangjiang City were paying attention to the rescue team’s big move.

They were guessing who had made such a big scene.

Not to mention Shuangjiang City, even Rao City, which was hundreds of kilometers away, had heard of Shuangjiang City’s rescue operation.

Gu San was the first to see Qin Si and the others after he came out.

He still did not understand why so many rescue boats had come. He asked Qin Si and the others emotionally, “…Third Uncle Bo has invested heavily this time?”

He followed Ye Wangchuan all year round and was more like a friend to Qin Si and the others than a subordinate.

Qin Si’s expression turned indescribable as he recalled how Slim Waist Control had called Qiao Nian “Boss”.

Faced with Gu San’s sigh, he could only squeeze out a dry sentence. “It’s not Third Uncle Bo this time.”


Before Gu San could ask him and before Qin Si could digest Qiao Nian’s actions, he changed the topic. He looked behind Gu San and asked, “Where’s Master Wang?”

“Master Wang went back to the hotel to change first,” Gu San said casually.

Ye Wangchuan arrived with him, but he left without waiting for Qin Si and the others.

Gu San didn’t think too much about it and asked, “That’s strange. Why don’t I see Miss Qiao?”

Qin Si gave him a look that said, “What a coincidence. Sister Qiao went back to the hotel to rest!”

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