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1523 Seeing Jiang Zongnan Hastily Leave

On the other side.

Qiao Nian had just received a call from Yuan Yongqin.

She took off her baseball cap and threw it aside. Her eyes were cold as she walked to the fridge and opened it to get herself a bottle of water.

She closed the door behind her and said in a clear voice, “Hello, Aunt Yuan.”

“Are you at the hotel yet?” Yuan Yongqin was still in the parking lot outside the Imperial Mansion, with the windows opened to let in the air.

She had just contacted many people and had not had time to go back.

“Yes.” Qiao Nian walked to the couch and sat down. She crossed her legs, looking relaxed. Lowering her eyes, she replied politely, “I just arrived.”

Yuan Yongqin heaved a long sigh of relief. Her tense face finally revealed a smile. “It’s good that you’re fine. It’s good that you’re fine. You almost scared me to death this time. I didn’t expect you to go to Shuangjiang City…

“By the way, Nian Nian, have the people been successfully evacuated?”

She was most concerned about Qiao Nian’s safety, followed by what Qiao Nian had told her about the safety of the hundred or so trapped people.

Qiao Nian unscrewed the cap of the bottle. Not in a hurry to drink, she answered her question first. “Third Uncle Bo and the others have already gotten everyone out.”

She held the mineral water bottle, her black eyes filled with warmth. She lowered her voice and said, “Aunt Yuan, thank you.”

Far away in Beijing, a mature woman in her forties was stunned when she heard that. She grabbed her cell phone and laughed. “The two of us don’t need to say things like this!”

Then, she suddenly noticed a familiar figure hurrying out and getting into a car by the roadside out of the corner of her eye.

Jiang Zongnan?

Yuan Yongqin recognized the man at a glance and was a little distracted. Her gaze was also attracted by the outside of the Imperial Mansion.

Jiang Zongnan got into the Jiang family’s private car after the chauffeur opened the door for him.

But the problem was, wasn’t Jiang Zongnan socializing with the people in the private room?

What happened?

Why would he leave in a hurry halfway through?

Yuan Yongqin put one hand on the steering wheel and narrowed her eyes. She couldn’t figure it out.

“Aunt Yuan?” The girl’s slightly husky voice called out from the other end of the phone.

Yuan Yongqin’s attention was forcefully pulled back. Only then did she notice that she was still on the phone with Qiao Nian. She said awkwardly, “I’m sorry, I just saw an acquaintance and was distracted. Nian Nian, what did you say just now? Why don’t you say it again? I didn’t hear you clearly.”

As usual, Qiao Nian asked calmly, “Who did you see?”


Yuan Yongqin almost blurted out Jiang Zongnan’s name.

She swallowed the words. “Nah, a business associate. I suddenly saw him nearby and did a double take. You don’t know the man.”

She had heard a little about Qiao Nian’s relationship with the Jiang family’s second branch.

Qiao Nian had long fallen out with them!

It was said that they had even split up.

At this thought, Yuan Yongqin felt that there was no need to tell Qiao Nian about such a brainless matter. Seeing that Su Mo had returned, she said to the person on the other end of the line, “Nian Nian, rest early. I’ll hang up first.”


The girl had a beautiful voice.

Yuan Yongqin’s frown disappeared and she hung up.

Su Mo happened to walk back at this moment. Seeing that she had rolled down the windows and was on the phone, she knew who she was talking to.

“President Yuan, is Miss Qiao alright?”

Yuan Yongqin smiled faintly and put her cell phone away. “She’s fine. She’s already back at the hotel.”

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