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1521 Qiao Nian Has a Way?

Bo Zheng and Luo Ming looked at her.

Qiao Nian had been able to pinpoint Ye Wangchuan and Gu San’s exact location. Putting aside her identity as a member of the Red Alliance, Qiao Nian had also won first place in the World Software Competition.

Bo Zheng had more or less heard of such a big event that brought glory to the country.

But rescue had nothing to do with computing. Even if Qiao Nian was the boss of the Red Alliance, the Red Alliance’s forces were mainly concentrated in the illegal area. They couldn’t extend their reach into the country…

Qiao Nian said that she had a way. Could it be that she could help them get helicopters and speedboats?

In Beijing.

In a private room in the Imperial Mansion.

Yuan Yongqin sat with a smile. Today, she was wearing a light yellow shirt. Her professional attire was neat, making her look like a career woman.

She was in a business gathering. The people at the table were basically all famous figures in Beijing.

After she transferred the Cheng Feng Corporation’s focus back from Rao City a year ago, the Yuan family gradually became a new noble family in Beijing.

Yuan Yongqin naturally had many people fawning over her.

However, she had never participated in any dinner parties. Even if she did, she didn’t fancy them.

Even though she was smooth and slick at the dining table and did not offend anyone, no one could get close to her throughout the meal.

Fortunately, she wasn’t the main character of the meal today. Yuan Yongqin was relaxed as she watched the commotion.

“Come, President Jiang, let’s toast to you.” Someone took the lead and poured a glass of white wine. He walked up to the main character of the day and said fawningly, “I heard that your daughter went to Continent O and successfully entered the Pharmacy Association. Miss Jiang is so young and has achieved a lot. President Jiang, you’re too good at educating your children! Young Master Jiang is so outstanding, and so is Miss Jiang. I really don’t know how you raised your children. I’m so envious.”

Jiang Zongnan exchanged a few pleasantries with the other party and returned politely. The two of them drank some wine.

The other party drank a glass of wine and blushed. He said, “I heard that your niece even won first place in the World Software Competition. Congratulations.”

At the mention of Qiao Nian, Jiang Zongnan felt a little awkward. However, he still clinked glasses with him.

On the other hand, Yuan Yongqin was chatting distractedly with the people around her throughout the meal. When she heard someone mention Qiao Nian’s first place in the software competition, she looked in Jiang Zongnan’s direction.

Jiang Zongnan looked a little awkward, but nothing else could be seen.

He looked rather pleased with himself.

After all, many people praised him for Jiang Xianrou’s joining the Pharmacy Association.

Yuan Yongqin raised her wine glass and curled her lips imperceptibly. Her eyes were filled with disdain.

Because Jiang Xianrou had hooked up with Qi Yan and became a member of the Pharmacy Association, the second branch of the Jiang family was doing well. They looked very proud, but she had heard through the grapevine that Jiang Yao had been fired from Tian Chen.

Now, these people were trying their best to curry favor with Jiang Xianrou and felt it was a safe stance to take!

She sipped the wine in her glass and put it down slowly, disapprovingly.

However, it made sense on second thought. Although these people had some status in Beijing, they were not from the top circles.

They might not be well-informed. They probably thought that Jiang Yao was still in Tian Chen and Jiang Xianrou had entered the Pharmacy Association.

They believed the second branch of the Jiang family was about to take off.

At that moment, the door to the private room opened.

Her secretary, Su Mo, hurried in and leaned in to speak in her ear.

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