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1509 Help Me See If That Person Is Sister Qiao

“…Yes, I’ll wait.” Qin Si couldn’t help but say before hanging up, “Aunt Ye, tell that person to hurry up.”

The person on the other end seemed to hang up.

Qin Si slowly put down his phone under their gazes. He turned his head and said to the two of them with a burning gaze, “Aunt Ye said that someone wants to go to Shuangjiang City with us.”

“Who?” Bo Jingxing frowned and was very impatient. It was obvious that he was unwilling to bring another person over.

Qin Si was also unwilling, but since Ye Lan had spoken, he couldn’t refuse. “I didn’t ask. Aunt Ye was quite anxious, so I held back.”

He raised his watch and looked at the time. He placed his hand on the steering wheel again and said in a heavier tone, “Aunt Ye said that person might be able to help. I don’t know what she’s thinking.”

With Master Wang missing, even Bo Jingxing’s uncle could not be contacted. Who would be so capable as to help?

Aunt Lan was really desperate!

She was being fooled!

“Anyway, let’s wait for a while. Aunt Ye said that the other party is on the way here. It will probably take some time.”

Qin Si himself was distraught and clearly did not want to wait, but since Ye Lan had spoken, Bo Jingxing couldn’t say anything. He nodded and did not say another word. He lowered his head and sent a message to Luo Ming. He told him that they were bringing another person with them.

They waited for half an hour.

Qin Si almost exploded from waiting.

He wanted to tell Ye Lan that they were in a hurry and ask her to find another way to go over.

In the end, he forcefully suppressed his frustration after considering Ye Lan’s mood.

Until a taxi pulled up a hundred meters away from them and the door opened and a figure got out.

His gaze was drawn over, and he couldn’t help but take a few more glances.

He immediately recognized her.

He instinctively called out, “Sister Qiao?”

“Qiao Nian? Where is she?” Bo Jingxing rolled down the window and looked in the direction Qin Si was pointing.

“Do you think that person is Sister Qiao?” Qin Si wasn’t sure.

It was mainly because he had heard Gu San mention before that Qiao Nian wasn’t in Beijing. In addition, he invited her to play games for the past two days, but Qiao Nian ignored him. She seemed very busy.

At this moment, seeing a familiar person, Qin Si couldn’t think straight. “Am I seeing things? Is that person Sister Qiao?”

Qiao Nian’s aura was outstanding.

She was the type who would be recognized immediately if she was thrown into a crowd.

Although Qin Si couldn’t think straight, he was 80% sure that he wasn’t seeing things. The girl who got out of the taxi and was walking towards them was Qiao Nian.

He couldn’t help but blurt out, “Damn, it’s really Sister Qiao!”

Bo Jingxing rubbed his temples. “No wonder Aunt Ye called you and asked you to wait. It makes sense if it’s Qiao Nian.”

This time, Master Wang had an accident. No one dared to tell the old man, afraid that he wouldn’t be able to take the shock and would be hospitalized.

Therefore, Ye Lan was in charge the entire time.

Everyone in Beijing was keeping an eye on the Ye family’s movements, wanting to obtain firsthand information.

Ye Lan was exhausted from dealing with those people and hadn’t rested well for two days. Other than Qiao Nian, Ye Lan probably wouldn’t care about anyone else.

As they talked, the girl walked up to their car, raised her hand, and knocked on the glass. “Open up.”

She was f*cking cool!

Qin Si was stunned for a second as his mind blanked. He finally realized that he had locked the door and it couldn’t be open from the outside.

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