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1508 Sister Nian: It’s Not Normal For Qin Si to Be as Quiet as a Chicken!

The taxi driver heard the girl’s pleasant voice in the backseat. She was wearing a baseball cap. He stole a glance in the rearview mirror and couldn’t see her face clearly.

He pressed the meter, answered, turned the car around, and headed toward Qing University.

The taxi rolled smoothly down the road.

Qiao Nian opened the window to let the wind in.

She looked down as she took her phone from her pocket and turned it on.

A lot of information popped up.

She didn’t read a single one. She found WeChat and opened it.

Her first WeChat contact was still quiet. Until now, he had not replied to her messages.

Her mouth tightened and her eyes darkened. She logged out of WeChat and pulled up another contact.

Qiao Nian thought for a minute, then dialed the number.


The other party did not pick up immediately.

Qiao Nian waited patiently, her arms by her side, her long legs propped up. She appeared unruly and a little nonchalant. However, her eyes were serious.

She was quite restrained.


There was still no answer after seven or eight rings. It didn’t take long for the line to hang up automatically.

Qiao Nian narrowed her eyes and took the phone away. She looked at it and called again.

She had already realized since yesterday that the people from Beijing were too quiet!

Usually, other than Qin Si looking for her, Zhang Yang would also send her messages from time to time.

However, the two of them had disappeared ever since she lost contact with Ye Wangchuan. They didn’t even appear on WeChat or the group anymore.

Not a word since yesterday.

Forget about Zhang Yang, Qin Si’s sudden silence was illogical.

However, since Qin Si and the others were avoiding her, Qiao Nian reckoned that even if she went to look for them, they wouldn’t tell her what had happened.

She had been busy with Su Huaiyuan until one in the morning last night. She had found a hotel nearby and basically did not sleep.

She even rushed back to Beijing early in the morning.

She was really not in a good mood.

The phone rang ten more times. Just when she thought no one would answer, the call finally went through.

Qiao Nian propped herself up on one elbow, a calming power in her eyes. Her voice was steady and strong. “Hey, Aunt Ye, where are you? I’ll go look for you.”

On the other side.

Qin Si and the others were already preparing to set off.

They had waited the entire night for Bo Zheng to return the call. Even someone as steady as Bo Jingxing couldn’t hold it in anymore. In the morning, they discussed and prepared to rush to Shuangjiang City to take a look. It was better than waiting in the capital.

Qin Si was about to drive off when Ye Lan called.

Qin Si picked up the phone and said in a hoarse voice, “Hello, Aunt Ye?”

Bo Jingxing and Zhang Yang wanted to go, too.

As for Tang Ning, she was a girl and had other things to do, so she couldn’t go.

Everyone took their places, ready to go.

The two of them looked over upon seeing that Qin Si had received Ye Lan’s call.

“Now?” Qin Si placed a hand on the steering wheel and rolled down the window. He looked at the iconic building on the side of the road and said, “I’m on Chang’an Street, next to the mall. We’re about to leave… Well, we haven’t left yet. Bo Jingxing has contacted his third uncle. He knows that we’re going over.”

It was unknown what Ye Lan said, but Qin Si’s expression was clearly unhappy. “I understand. When is she coming over?”

Zhang Yang wanted to ask who it was. However, he was too embarrassed to say anything upon seeing that Qin Si was still on the phone.

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