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1510 This Isn’t a Zoo, Are They Coming to Visit?


He hurriedly unlocked the door.

The girl pulled down her cap. Her eyes were quite dry, but she didn’t say anything. After opening the door, she quickly bent down and got in.

Only then did he turn to look at the person getting into the car. He stammered, “Qiao, Sister Qiao, why are you here?”

Qiao Nian sat in the front passenger seat and fastened her seatbelt. Hearing this, she glanced at him coldly.

“…” Qin Si touched the bridge of his nose in embarrassment and explained dryly, “I… I was afraid that you would be worried, so I didn’t dare to tell you. I didn’t mean to hide it from you.”

“Hmm.” The girl leaned back in the passenger seat and nodded. He didn’t know if she believed him, but her voice was slightly restrained and a little hoarse as she said, “Let’s go.”

It was still a few hours’ drive from Beijing to Shuangjiang City.

Qiao Nian didn’t waste her breath on Qin Si. She only greeted Bo Jingxing and Zhang Yang briefly before leaning back in her seat, not saying anything.

Qin Si felt guilty and found many topics to talk about along the way.

Unfortunately, Qiao Nian ignored him.

She closed her eyes to rest, causing Qin Si to shut his mouth and finally quiet down…

Shuangjiang City, Emergency Rescue Office.

Bo Zheng was communicating with the technicians. “How is it? Is there still no way to contact them?”

A computer was placed in front of the technician. He was typing out a series of codes quickly, but the situation was not optimistic.

“No. The base station was destroyed by a flash flood. There’s no way to send a signal unless someone inside fixes the signal station.”

There was some silence.

It was still raining heavily in Shuangjiang City. Even helicopters couldn’t get in this extreme weather. How could anyone fix the base station?

Bo Zheng rubbed his temples and urged the technicians to try sending a signal inside.

Even if he couldn’t send a signal in, he could at least find a way to search for the location of the people inside.

The technician’s expression was solemn. He couldn’t guarantee that he could locate them. He only said, “Captain Bo, I’ll try my best. But it’s difficult for us to pinpoint the exact location in this situation. Unless a top expert is holding down the fort and there’s such a possibility…”

They were already absolute experts on the subject.

However, experts were also divided into different levels. Their talent was limited, and they only had that much ability.

Bo Zheng couldn’t help but think of the girl he had seen in Beijing when he heard this. If that girl was there, she might be able to locate Gu San and the others…

He was thinking that when Luo Ming came in from outside with an ugly expression. “Captain Bo, Young Master Bo just sent me a message saying that they’re bringing another person… I didn’t want them to come in the first place. Aren’t they just going to cause trouble? It’s already troublesome that they’re coming, but they still have to bring another person! Why are they coming? This isn’t a zoo. Come and take a look!”

“He still wants to bring another person?” Bo Zheng didn’t expect his nephew to mess around. Feeling a headache, he asked, “When will they arrive?”

Luo Ming had always been impartial. Even if the person was Bo Jingxing, he did not have a good expression and said expressionlessly, “They’re almost here. I think he sent me a message two hours ago. They’ll be here soon if they set off at that time!”

Luo Ming emphasized his words, his expression clearly sour.

“I wonder who Young Master Bo is bringing!”

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