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1507 They Couldn’t Contact Master Wang Either

“No.” Bo Jingxing sat by the window.

Zhang Yang did not say anything when he was chatting with Qin Si. He lowered his head and paid attention to his phone the entire time, afraid that he would miss Bo Zheng’s call.

Yet his phone had been on the table all day, but not a single call came.

Bo Zheng had not called. Even Luo Ming, who was with him, had not called…

“It’s been almost eight hours, why is there still no news!” Qin Si couldn’t hold it in anymore. He scratched his head so hard that it was about to burst.

Not in the mood to care about Jiang Xianrou sending a message to Zhang Yang, he threw the smoking stick on the table, stood up, and paced around.

He suddenly stopped and looked past Tang Ning and the others at Bo Jingxing and asked anxiously, “Do you think Uncle Bo forgot about us?”

Bo Jingxing sat by the window. The light shone on the buttons on his collar, and the metallic buttons glowed.

All eyes turned to him.

Bo Jingxing’s expression darkened and he broke his reverie without hesitation. “That’s impossible. I told my third uncle to contact me immediately if there’s any news of Wangchuan. He didn’t call me back, so there’s no news of Master Wang yet.”

Qin Si didn’t give up. He opened his mouth and wanted to ask him to make a call.

Bo Jingxing pushed his gold-rimmed glasses up the bridge of his nose and said, “Even if he forgets, Deputy Captain Luo will definitely remember. There’s no news from either of them now, which means that they haven’t contacted anyone yet…”

Qin Si’s eyes dimmed as he sat back down in frustration.

Zhang Yang and Tang Ning did not dare to speak.

They had also heard about what happened in Shuangjiang City. Master Wang and Young Master Bo went to get something. Later on, Young Master Bo returned first, and Master Wang temporarily stayed there to deal with the aftermath.

Who knew that it would suddenly rain heavily in Shuangjiang City yesterday?

Master Wang and the others happened to encounter a mudslide. Now, they had lost contact with the outside world.

Those outside couldn’t get in.

No one inside could get out, either.

Coupled with the continuous rainstorm, the signal base station had been washed out. There was no signal.

Now, the people outside couldn’t contact the inside, nor could they confirm the situation inside.

Bo Zheng was in charge of this rescue operation.

They could only wait here for Bo Zheng’s news.

Qin Si couldn’t contact anyone for the entire day. He tried to call Ye Wangchuan, but he couldn’t get through.

It was the same when he called Gu San.

It had been almost 24 hours since Master Wang lost contact…

Qin Si felt as if ten thousand ants were crawling in his heart. He was still restless even when he sat down. He was silent for less than ten minutes before he looked at Bo Jingxing and said, “Why don’t you contact your uncle again? Sister Qiao is coming back. I’m afraid I can’t hide it anymore.”

Before the news of the landslide in Shuangjiang City came out, he had sent Qiao Nian messages every day about forming a team. He wanted to pull her onto the team and win as few games.

Unable to contact Master Wang, Qin Si no longer dared to send Qiao Nian any messages.

He had been quiet as a mouse since morning.

Fortunately, Qiao Nian didn’t look for him.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t know how to tell her this news.

Bo Jingxing hesitated for a moment and then picked up his phone and walked out. He was probably going to contact his third uncle to ask about the situation.

The following day.

At ten in the morning.

Qiao Nian came out of the Beijing Airport. She hailed a taxi by the roadside and opened the door to get in.

“To Rhine Apartments.”

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