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1472 Now You Know Who You’ve Offended, It’s Too Late

He hung up.

Bai Lin deeply understood that the other party had already given up on her.

Unable to contain her terror any longer, she covered her face with her hands and burst into tears.

Her manager watched her cry and felt anxious and uncomfortable. She finally coaxed her and quickly asked, “What did Young Master Fu say?”

Bai Lin’s washed eyes were red and swollen. It was impossible to tell that she was still a glamorous female celebrity in the morning.

She was in a sorry state. Her hair was a mess, and half of her makeup was ruined. Her eyeliner was mixed with tears.

She looked at her manager with tears in her eyes and said with a trembling voice, “Young Master Fu can’t help, either.

“Sister Xin, we’re in trouble.

“Qiao Nian isn’t just a student from Rao City like we found out. Her background is even more impressive than we thought.”

“… How could that be?” Zhao Xin had only decided to create hype after investigating Qiao Nian through her connections in the circle. Who knew that she would kick an iron plate and break her leg?

Bai Lin wiped her tears and could no longer cry. “The person we offended is none other than Zhui Guang herself.”

Her manager’s mouth opened, then fell silent.

Bai Lin and her manager were gloomy.

But Qiao Nian had no idea.

She didn’t even know what was happening online.

The shooting of the MV was simple. Wen Ruxia booked a competition-level ice rink specialized in filming missions. Director George Lucas was also very professional.

Qiao Nian followed their arrangements the entire time.

She was good-looking. Wen Ruxia and Director George had almost reached a consensus on this point—they wouldn’t let the makeup artist do Qiao Nian’s makeup.

The girl looked beautiful even without makeup. Her delicate skin was as flawless as a peeled egg under the lens. Her cold white skin looked very good on camera.

Her beauty was so natural that it was soul-stirring.

The next problem was that Qiao Nian didn’t know how to skate.

She had already told Wen Ruxia about this. Wen Ruxia had also found a professional athlete to teach her how to skate.

Qiao Nian was extremely talented in sports.

The professional athlete had only shown her a few times and she could already figure out simple skating moves herself, even some of the more professional and difficult moves. Wen Ruxia also knew that no matter how talented a person was, they couldn’t learn them in a short time.

She found a few substitutes who looked like Qiao Nian to complete the professional movements.

Three hours later, the shooting was over.

Director George Lucas sat in front of the camera examining the material he’d captured. The rest of the staff were gathered around.

The director was surrounded by people. It was very lively.

At the edge of the rink, the girl merely took off her skates and unzipped her professional team uniform. She took off her jacket, revealing a thin sweater and thin arms.

She set aside the skater team uniform she’d changed out of, found her purse nearby, and pulled her phone from it.

“Nian Nian, are you alright?” Wen Ruxia didn’t look at the director. Instead, she walked over to speak to Qiao Nian.

Seeing that it was her, Qiao Nian raised an eyebrow. Her raven-black eyelashes covered her dark eyes as she said lazily, “It’s alright.”

Wen Ruxia saw that she was fatigued and said softly, “You’ve worked hard.”

She had gone through three hours of shooting the mission. Time was tight and the mission was heavy.

After three hours of almost non-stop filming, any other delicate female celebrity would have kicked up a fuss.

Qiao Nian didn’t say a word. Only by cooperating with the filming could they complete the mission in advance.

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