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1471 Master Wang Strikes, Crushed to Death!


Wen Ziyu knew Fu Sinian.

Back then, Fu Sinian had a good life. Almost everyone in Beijing knew him.

He thought for a moment and finally understood the twists and turns in this matter. He immediately sneered and looked at Fu Ge disdainfully. “You still don’t know what this Bai Lin is doing, right?”

Fu Gee looked startled and said nothing.

He really didn’t know what Bai Lin was doing anymore.

If his brother hadn’t called him, he wouldn’t even have known about Bai Lin’s existence.

It was just that it was normal for there to be a female celebrity in their circle.

Other than being dissatisfied that the other party could cause trouble, he didn’t have much desire to investigate the other party’s background.

However, from what Wen Ziyu said, it seemed that Bai Lin had caused more trouble than just offending Wen Ruxia.

“Let me tell you the truth. My aunt didn’t touch her. The person she offended isn’t my aunt.” Wen Ziyu said to him frivolously, “Don’t even think about getting her out. If your family still wants to maintain their dignity, I advise you to let your brother grow some brains. Don’t bring just about anything home.”

The Fu family had been able to strut around Rao City for so many years because of the dignity that the Ye family had left for their family because of Ye Qichen.

Wen Ziyu’s rude words made Fu Ge’s face turn red, but there was nothing he could do!

This was because Wen Ziyu refused to help. With his strength, he couldn’t reach the circle in Beijing at all. He could only stare.

Fu Ge was embarrassed, as if he had been slapped in the face.

After asking for a snub, he suppressed his anger and called Fu Sinian.

This time, Bai Lin was even faster than she and her manager had imagined.

In the morning, their trending topic was revoked.

Various schedules were canceled.

She had told Fu Sinian at noon to help smooth things over.

In the afternoon, the CEO of Star Glory Entertainment did not even meet them. Everyone in the company received an email notification—Star Glory Entertainment had canceled Bai Lin.

This time, it was without any prior notice.

In other words, the company might freeze her until her contract expired.

As one of the most popular female artistes in the entertainment industry, Bai Lin was definitely the company’s money tree. This situation could be said to be very rare in the circle.

Bai Lin and her manager were as anxious as ants on a hot pan, looking for connections everywhere.

But the circle they had access to was too limited.

Fu Sinian was already the person with the greatest and deepest contact with their background. It was easy to imagine what kind of people they could find.

It was just someone in the entertainment industry.

The big shots in the entertainment industry were not enough in the upper-class circle!

They treated her like a plague when they heard that she had offended someone from the upper circles. No one was willing to get involved.

4:30 PM.

Bai Lin and her manager had already contacted everyone they could. Everyone had rejected them.

They lay limp in the exclusive lounge, both of them too exhausted to say a word. Their throats had gone dry.

Finally, Fu Sinian, who had been silent, called her back.

Bai Lin reacted as if she was grabbing onto a life-saving straw. She suddenly regained her strength and grabbed her phone to answer the call. “Hello, Young Master Fu.”

The person on the other end of the phone spoke.

Her legs turned weak and she slumped onto the stool under her manager’s expectant gaze. Her face was as white as paper, as if it would break with a poke.

“I, I don’t know. I thought she…” Bai Lin took a deep breath and grabbed the phone until her knuckles turned white. Her eyes were red. She finally knew to be afraid. She whimpered, “I can apologize, Young Master Fu. I can apologize.”

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