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1473 Sister Nian: I’m Going Back to Rao City

The girl had found her phone in her bag and turned it on. Upon hearing what Wen Ruxia said, she glanced in her direction, lowered her eyelashes, and nodded casually. “Yes.”

“Shall we have dinner tonight?” Wen Ruxia invited with a smile. “I’ll ask Director George Lucas to join us. We’ll all go for hotpot.”

Qiao Nian liked hotpot. It was a secret she had learned from Nie Mi.

She had troubled her to film the MV, so she naturally had to express her gratitude.

She reckoned that Qiao Nian wouldn’t care if she paid.

Wen Ruxia thought about it and felt that treating her to a meal was the most practical.

Qiao Nian looked down at her phone, distracted. Her eyes narrowed slightly. It was unknown what she saw, but her expression suddenly turned serious.

Before Wen Ruxia could react, she saw the girl bend down to pick up her bag and put her phone in her pocket. She seemed to be in a hurry as she said to her, “Forget it. I have something on today. Next time.”

Wen Ruxia was confused and agreed repeatedly. “Ah, okay, it’s fine. I’ll wait for you to be free.”

“Okay.” Qiao Nian seemed to be in a hurry and didn’t say much to her. After taking her things, she said directly, “I have something on. I’ll make a move first.”


Wen Ruxia was regretful, but she didn’t insist that she stay.

Qiao Nian left in a hurry.

Her back disappeared from the rink in the blink of an eye.

Qiao Nian didn’t go far after saying goodbye to Wen Ruxia. She hailed a taxi by the roadside and got in. Her voice was hoarse as she spoke to the taxi driver.

“To the airport.”


The cab headed toward the airport.

Qiao Nian sat in the back row, her eyes half-closed in frustration. She took out her phone again and scrolled through WeChat.

She sent a message to Ye Wangchuan.

[QN: I’m heading back to Rao City.]

She muted her phone and booked the nearest flight to Rao City after the message was sent.

Rao City.

At the city hospital.

Su Huaiyuan was in the intensive care unit. Almost everyone from the Su family was present.

As the first person to guard this place, Xu Jishen was immediately surrounded by everyone.

“Jishen, how is your grandfather’s health?” Su Peishan was the first to speak. He was anxious and his mouth was blistering. “What did the doctor say? Did the doctor tell you why your grandfather’s fever is not subsiding?”

“That’s right,” Third Aunt said anxiously. “When we left this morning, didn’t the old man’s fever subside? Why is he having a fever again and being transferred to the ICU? Jishen, stay here. What did the doctor tell you? Why does your grandfather have a recurring fever?”

Mother Su was calmer. She felt sorry for him upon seeing her son’s tired face. She stood in front of the others and said unhappily, “Don’t be anxious. Ask one by one. All of you are talking at once, who should he answer first?”

Mother Su was Old Master Su’s most beloved daughter, and she had a high status in the family.

As soon as she spoke, the few of them suppressed their anxiety and looked at each other. Third Aunt spoke as the representative. “We just want to know what the doctor said. How is Old Master’s health now!”

Su Huaiyuan was the family’s backbone.

If he fell, the Su family would also fall.

Therefore, the entire family was really anxious at this moment, afraid that something would happen to the old man.

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