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1418 Only Sister Nian’s Hand Speed Is the Slowest

On the other hand, Mas watched coldly as the girl deleted his trojan horse program. He sneered and revealed a rather disdainful expression. He whispered, “I thought the woman Aidan was afraid of had some real ability. I didn’t expect her to be a coward.”

He probably felt that Qiao Nian’s reaction was too boring, so he retracted his gaze and returned his attention to his computer.

This final was pure—it was about making software.

Software had always been divided into several levels. From the S level, each level was more powerful than the previous one. The most powerful was the legendary S-level software.

However, this kind of programming was very difficult. Mas himself was not confident that he could create an S-grade software in a short period of time.

Therefore, he prepared an grade software this time.

grade software was already very rare on the market. It was more than enough to win this competition.

He was very focused when he did things. At least, he was much more focused in private. In the blink of an eye, he focused all his energy on programming.

The camera focused on him.

Mas was focused, his face almost expressionless. His hand speed was especially fast, and his brows were covered with the pride of a top-notch IT expert.

The originally boisterous audience was shocked by his aura and fell silent.

Except for Mas, the camera turned to the contestant from Country H.

He looked much more amiable than Mas. His single eyelid was also fully focused on programming.

They could see that his hand speed was equally amazing. Ordinary people couldn’t compete with him, but he was still a little slower than Mas.

But he won by being sneaky.

While Mas was putting the trojan horse on Qiao Nian’s computer, he seized the opportunity and started programming early on. At this moment, he had already done quite a bit. At least 30% progress.

After the camera panned around, the only person who looked slow was Qiao Nian.

After she’d dealt with the trojan horse that Mas had implanted in her computer, she took her time turning on the programmer. Since she couldn’t use her right hand, she only used the left one to tap the keys on the keyboard, giving off a cynical vibe…

But she was very calm!


Qin Si looked around. Seeing Qiao Nian’s cap covering her chin and her unhurried attitude, he was so anxious that the veins on his forehead bulged again.

“Is Sister Qiao too slow?”

“Miss Qiao’s hand is injured, after all. She can only use one hand, and it’s her left hand that she doesn’t often use. It’s normal for her to be slower.” Zhang Yang looked up at the situation on the field.

The arena was changing, not to mention this kind of world-class professional competition.

He was afraid that in the blink of an eye, the situation would change again.

He was watching the competition so seriously. Of course, he saw that Qiao Nian’s hand speed couldn’t compare to the other two contestants.

Not to mention Mas, who had deliberately provoked her when the competition began, Qiao Nian’s hand speed couldn’t even compare to that person from Country H.

Things were not looking good.

How could Qin Si not know that Qiao Nian’s situation wasn’t good? He was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan, but there was nothing he could do. “… Even if Sister Qiao doesn’t get first place, I hope that that person, Park-something, gets first place. It’s better than Mas getting first place!”

“The competition isn’t over yet. Let’s wait and see.”

Bo Jingxing kept feeling that Qiao Nian’s condition was similar to when she was at the Ninth Branch. For some reason, he had a strange feeling that Qiao Nian would win.

Zhang Yang chimed in, “That’s right, Young Master Qin. The competition isn’t over yet. Let’s wait for the software to be developed first.”

Qin Si clenched his fists and locked his gaze on the arena. He couldn’t take this lying down.

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