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1419 Complete the Mission at the Last Second

This software competition was 40 minutes long.

The rules of the competition were that whoever made the highest-grade software within 40 minutes would win.

This kind of rule was simple and crude. It was precisely the rigor of such professional competitions.

Software competitions were not better than software. Could it be that they were better at playing games?

40 minutes passed in the blink of an eye.

Mas was the first to finish. A green light on his computer indicated to the judges that he had completed the software.

A gasp could be heard from the stands.

“It’s only been 32 minutes and he’s already done? He’s strong.”

“Looks like we’re up for grabs this year.”

As Mas completed the software first, the contestant from Country H also finished and the green light lit up.

He was a good five minutes behind Mas.

He took 37 minutes to complete the mission.

However, he was still three minutes ahead of the time limit. He was also considered strong.

There were a total of three people in the competition. Two of them had completed their mission in advance. The remaining cameras were all focused on one person—Qiao Nian.

The girl was still wearing a baseball cap with the brim lowered. She lowered her head and was completely unaffected by the outside world. She was completely focused on doing her own thing.

Her hand speed was not fast, but it was not slow either. It was just that her unhurried attitude made people anxious for her.

39 minutes 58 seconds.

39 minutes 59 seconds.

Everyone in the audience was worried for her. They were worried that Qiao Nian wouldn’t be able to finish the software in time.

In the ninth row.

Qiao Chen had been fidgeting. At this moment, a mocking smile appeared on her face. She said softly, “Don’t tell me Sister can’t finish it?”

Shen Qiongzhi snorted and said sarcastically, “That’s why I said that I don’t know what her biological father is thinking. She can’t use her right hand, yet she still wants to compete. It’s as if he wants her to lose face.”

Fu Ge said nothing. There was a hint of worry and disapproval on his handsome face. He frowned slightly and said nothing.

Time wouldn’t stop moving forward because of anyone.

As the second jumped forward, it jumped into the 12th scale.

40 minutes were up!

The girl finished just in time for the green light to come on in her place.

Qiao Nian completed the mission at the last second!

Everyone in the stands heaved a sigh of relief. At least she had completed her software.

Mas crossed his arms over his chest and smirked disdainfully when he saw the green light on the girl’s seat. Then, he looked away, as if he couldn’t be bothered to look at Qiao Nian.

Everyone’s software production was over. Next was the review.

The judges displayed it in order.

The contestant from Country H was up first according to age.

His software rating came up quickly.

Grade B.

This rating was not high, but it was definitely not low.

After all, grade software on the market could only be chanced upon by luck. In comparison, B-grade did not sound as impressive as grade software, but it was still pretty good.

Especially since he’d created the software within the allotted 40 minutes.

The International IT Association judges talked to each other and graded him, giving him a combined score of 86.35.

There was another lively discussion as soon as the score of the contestant from Country H appeared on the big screen.

“Wow, above 85. He’s very strong this year. He didn’t get as much attention as Aiden and Mas before the competition. Everyone didn’t think highly of him. In the end, his results were even better than the second place last year. He’s only one point away from last year’s champion.”

“That high? I wonder how many points Mas will get.”

The second score was for Mas.

Mas wasn’t as nervous. His expression was proud when dealing with the judges. He seemed very nonchalant.

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