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1417 Mas Purposely Provoked Sister Nian

On stage.

Qiao Nian skillfully placed the hard drive into the computer before turning it on and pulling out the program.

Suddenly, her computer screen went black and she lost control of the mouse and keyboard at the same time.

Then, a thumb-down dynamic icon appeared on her computer screen, followed by a string of mocking English words, ‘Bronze Medalist’.

Third place.

The three contestants’ computers had special cameras pointed at them. Since Qiao Nian’s computer had been hacked, the scene of the thumbs down and the mocking words in English was naturally broadcasted live.

The spectators in the stands saw it.

There was a moment of silence in the entire competition venue. Immediately after, it was as if someone had poked a hornet’s nest. The audience in the stands started arguing.

“What does he mean? Is he mocking our domestic representative?”

In the inner court.

Qin Si, Bo Jingxing, and Zhang Yang also saw this scene.

The veins on Qin Si’s forehead instantly bulged. He threw the water bottle to the ground in anger. “F*ck, who did this!”

Zhang Yang quickly pulled him back and told him not to cause trouble.

“Young Master Qin, forget it. Miss Qiao is currently in the competition. No rule forbids hacking into the opponent’s computer. The other party’s actions conform to the rules of the competition.”

“How can he humiliate people like this? Is it in accordance with the rules of the competition?” Qin Si’s fair face turned red. His eyes also reddened. “Who set up these competition rules? If it’s a competition, it’s a competition. Do you have to humiliate people like this?”

He fumed as he watched from below the stage. He couldn’t imagine how Qiao Nian was feeling right now!

“F*ck, I’ll go find the organizer,” Qin Si said coldly and broke free from Zhang Yang’s hold to leave.

“Stop right there.” Bo Jingxing stopped him and said coldly, “You’ll only cause trouble for Qiao Nian if you go now. Others will only think that she can’t afford to lose.”

Qin Si suddenly stopped and turned around. His face was filled with dark clouds and he was about to explode. “Then, what do you think we should do? Just watch? Let them bully Sister Nian? You can sit still, but I can’t!”

“You have to sit down even if you can’t!”

Bo Jingxing pressed the space between his eyebrows. His eyes, hidden behind his glasses, were sharp and clear. He said angrily, “Zhang Yang is right. The other party’s actions are in line with the rules of the competition. If you go and cause trouble now, the organizers will ignore you. Even if they do anything, your actions will only embarrass Qiao Nian even more… There’s only one way now. Win!”

Qin Si: “… Are you preaching to me?”

His breathing was rapid. “Sister Qiao’s hand is injured. We don’t even know if the hard drive is the original one. Is winning so easy?”

Bo Jingxing stopped talking.

On the stage.

Mas received a close-up shot. The other party’s lips were curled into an arrogant smile. It could basically be confirmed that it was Mas who had hacked Qiao Nian’s computer.

Country M’s Mas was said to be a top hacker comparable to Sun.

It was too difficult for Qiao Nian to win against such a person.

Seeing that he was silent, Qin Si turned his head away and looked at the stage. He had gradually calmed down and was grabbing his hair in despair. “If only Sun was here.”

It was the best he could come up with.

Bo Jingxing’s eyes darkened as well. He stuffed his hands into his pockets, looking handsome and refined.

Yes, if only Qiao Nian was Sun.

On the competition stage.

Qiao Nian looked at the provocative red words that appeared on her computer screen.

She calmly cleaned up the other party’s trojan horse, not seeming the least bit affected.

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