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1416 Qiao Chen Was Tricked Like a Monkey

Fu Ge could tell from her tone that she wanted to watch the show.

He frowned.

“Mom.” Qiao Chen noticed Fu Ge’s ugly expression and quickly stopped Shen Qiongzhi. “Mom, stop talking.”

Her eyes flickered and she bit her lip. She seemed to be very understanding. “Since Sister has decided to participate in the competition, she must be confident. We have to believe in her…”

Fu Ge’s expression softened, and his tone became much gentler. “Chen Chen, it’s best if you think that way. After all, Qiao Nian is representing the country in this competition. If she wins, we’ll also be able to hold our heads high overseas.”


Qiao Chen’s face turned even paler. She lowered her eyelashes and suppressed the jealousy that she almost couldn’t hold back. Her tone changed and said softly, “I know. It’s just that…”

“Just what?” Fu Ge looked at her again, not understanding what she was trying to say.

Qiao Chen adjusted her emotions and looked up. Her beautiful eyes were a little lost as she said helplessly, “I heard someone say that she lost her hard drive on the way here.”

“What did you say?” Fu Ge jumped and reacted strongly. He immediately stood up and looked at Qin Si and the others in the inner court.

It seemed to confirm Qiao Chen’s words. Ye Wangchuan and Gu San were not around.

The competition was about to begin, but neither of them returned.

His heart plummeted.

Qiao Nian didn’t just represent an individual this time. She represented the entire country!

It had been a long time since they raised their heads in a high-tech territory like this one. Everyone overseas thought that they were a weak country in this field.

This time, it wasn’t easy for Qiao Nian to represent the country from the elimination round to the finals. It hadn’t been long since Yin Wenzhi’s incident. How could something like this happen again?

Fu Ge couldn’t tell what he was feeling.

His heart was a mess. Of course, he didn’t see Qiao Chen’s flickering gaze and her obvious shady tone.

“I heard she lost her hard drive. Won’t she…”

Embarrass herself? Qiao Chen had yet to finish her sentence.

“Wait a minute.” Fu Ge had been staring at the stage. As the game began, he saw the girl take something that looked like a hard drive from her pocket and put it into the computer very naturally.

His tense nerves immediately relaxed. He turned to look at Qiao Chen, his handsome face filled with confusion. “Qiao Nian didn’t lose her hard drive. Where did you hear that?”

Qiao Chen had thought that victory was in her hands and that she had the initiative this time. Although she said that she sympathized with Qiao Nian for losing the hard drive, she was actually waiting to see Qiao Nian make a fool of herself.

Her face paled upon suddenly hearing that Qiao Nian had not lost her hard drive, and her eyes widened involuntarily as she turned toward the arena.

On the big screen, the camera zoomed in on Qiao Nian. The girl wearing the baseball cap slowly inserted the hard drive into the computer.

She turned it on and entered the program. It was done in one go!

“…How, how?” Qiao Chen could hardly believe what she was seeing. She rubbed her eyes and opened them again.

Qiao Nian had already pulled out the program from the hard drive.

It was evident that the hard drive was intact!

Qiao Chen’s lips turned pale, and her fingers trembled uncontrollably. She was completely stunned by the situation in front of her.

Qiao Nian had another hard drive?

Qiao Chen’s mind went blank and her lips turned pale. She suddenly realized that she had been tricked.

She had been played like a monkey!

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