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1415 I Really Don’t Know Why Her Father Let Her to Play

Qin Si was drinking water and subconsciously put it down. He asked in confusion, “Uh, what was stolen?”

Ye Wangchuan’s eyes went cold. “Hard drive.”

At this moment, not only Qin Si, but Gu San, Bo Jingxing, and Zhang Yang also looked at him in shock.

Qin Si cursed, “Damn!”

“I’ll go over and take a look first.” Ye Wangchuan didn’t waste his breath on them. He pressed Bo Jingxing’s shoulder and nodded slightly before walking backstage.

Gu San put down his water bottle and immediately followed. “Master Wang, I’ll go with you.”

The two of them walked away from the inner court seats without looking back.

In the ninth row.

Fu Ge noticed the commotion in the inner court and frowned. He lowered his voice and said, “The competition is about to begin. Why did Young Master Ye suddenly leave?”

“What Young Master Ye?” Shen Qiongzhi followed his gaze blankly and saw nothing.

However, Qiao Chen saw it. Her beautiful eyes flickered, and she grabbed the hem of her clothes tightly before letting go. She said casually, “Something probably happened to Qiao Nian.”

Fu Ge suddenly turned to look at her, clearly puzzled, not understanding why she said that.

Qiao Chen was a little nervous under his questioning gaze. Not daring to look him in the eye, she lowered her eyelashes to hide her nervousness and guilt and said, “I heard a trace of wind on the way back.”

Fu Ge didn’t twist it any tighter. He looked sideways at her. “What wind?”

As the two of them spoke, exciting music sounded from the stage. The contestants from various countries had already appeared.

The three others besides Aidan, who had retired the day before.

Country M’s Mas was undoubtedly the most eye-catching presence on the field.

Next was Park Jangwoo from Country H, who was ranked 36th on the Heaven Leaderboard. The other was Qiao Nian, who represented her country.

Fu Ge’s attention was caught by the tsunami of applause and screams from the stands. He turned to stare at the arena.

The girl came out last.

It was still a familiar getup.

She was wearing a protective jacket under her black sweater, with black prints on the sleeves. They looked pretty cool.

The girl was wearing a baseball cap that only revealed her cold chin. Her skin was so fair that it dazzled the eyes.

The stands fell silent for a second as soon as Qiao Nian appeared.

It was mainly because her aura was too strong.

Compared to Mas, who came out coldly and ignored everyone, or the contestant from Country H, who came out second while smiling brightly, she did not deliberately maintain her image. She wasn’t as cold as Mas or the contestant from Country H who deliberately pretended to be amicable. She just walked out quite naturally.

Holding nothing, she pulled on her sweater and cap leisurely, seeming to be strolling leisurely, not paying attention to the dark crowd in the stands as she walked to her seat.

“Why is her hand in a cast?”

“Is Qiao Nian injured?”

“I saw the bandage on her hand, too. I think she used her left hand to pull on her cap. Don’t tell me she can’t use her right hand?”

“No. What about the competition!”

Someone in the eighth row started whispering.

Shen Qiongzhi also saw Qiao Nian’s right wrist in a cast. The burning discomfort in her heart felt much better.

“I really don’t understand why she’s participating in a competition when her hand is like this… I wonder what her father told her. If it were me, I definitely wouldn’t let her play. She’s representing the country, not being a hero for the people. We’ll be the ones who lose face if she loses…”

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